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I Am Not That Mom February 29, 2016

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I’m the hot mess crunchy mom who usually has no concern about appearances. Let’s be honest though, I often wish our home was spotless for more than 24hrs at one time or another. With 3 kids, I think I wish that daily! 

Last week and this weekend were busy and tiring. We had a lot of activities, then little one got sick and everything stopped. Except the house and the big kids..they still need tending. Needless to say it was a disaster. I couldn’t keep up. I often fell asleep at night with a restless baby & prayed for a few hours sleep before she woke up congested or coughing again. Hubby helped but we were still behind. 

Tonight was the same, however thanks to caffeine at dinner, I wasn’t so tired. So I laid there trapped, next to a coughing baby waiting for the perfect moment to escape. It happened at 9:45p 😒

I figured she would be up within an hour so that was what I gave myself, an hour.She gave me TWO!  I managed SO much. Kitchen and floors are clean, caught up on dishes, kids laundry folded & clothes set out for tomorrow, diaper laundry folded…I sit back and look thinking “I wish it would last longer than 5mins tomorrow morning.” 

Then I remember why it doesn’t last. The clean doesn’t last because I’m not that mom. I’m the mom who would rather be outside, having play dates, visiting museums or nature centers, doing a science experiment, baking bread, working on homeschool activities, reading books, having tea parties, playing Star Wars or Shopkins…I’d rather be doing anything with my kids over cleaning ANY day. 

So tomorrow as the sink starts filling, the laundry needs more washing, and the crumbs need more sweeping, hopefully I can remember the fun we had and that its ALWAYS worth the mess.

Baking soda and vinegar fun above and my oldest who was VERY excited about homemade play dough below!  


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