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Crunchy Kitchen Adventures February 25, 2016

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a weeeeeeee bit crunchy. I could go through the trouble of listing all the ways but a look at my post titles will give you a decent list. The problem with eating healthier and using more gut healing/natural remedies instead of partaking in the standard American diet and all western meds is that it is expensive. Significantly more expensive if you do organic. Four things I HATE paying for: 

  1. Kombucha
  2. Gluten free bread
  3. Granola
  4. Bone broth/stock 

This week has inadvertently been focused on those 4 items.

I used to brew my own Kombucha but when we moved my SCOBY died. I recently discovered a local mom also brews it and had a SCOBY to spare! After scouring the web I found a large glass beverage dispenser with PLASTIC spout perfect for brewing kombucha! Thank goodness for Target. So what is sitting on my counter right now? A half ready gallon of kombucha!! Just for giggles I broke down the cost of tea, water, and sugar required to make kombucha at home vs purchasing a bottle at Meijer. It costs me roughly $2.50 to brew a GALLON vs buying a 16oz bottle for $4-$5!!! 

Next gluten free bread. I’ll be the first to admit that most commercial gluten free breads have their issues. Too dry, too dense, lacks something nobody can put their finger on…some are just awful. The brands that aren’t awful run up to $6 a loaf! Thankfully our Aldi carries a decent GF bread and Ana loves it (I mostly keep it around for her as hubby has his own glutenous bread stash in the freezer). We ran out this week and grocery funds were allocated to other items needed for dinners. Instead of driving to Aldi for one item (and inevitably buying $60 worth of food lol) we made our own!!  

It’s not perfect. The inside is just a tad bit gummy (sounds like it might be a xanthan gum problem!). However, it tastes great; toasts up well; and doesn’t crumble when made into a sandwich! It held up for an awesome BLT last night. 


Granola…I have a love hate relationship with it. I love that I can use it in my kids yogurt and that Ana will eat it as a quick breakfast some days. I hate some of the fillers added in store bought and how expensive it is for decent gluten free granola. $6 for a tiny bag?! Even the $3 gluten free ones at Aldi don’t impress me. So since a sick baby kept us home today Ana and I made our own! 

I started here and made changes based on what we had on hand. Gf oats, almonds, cashews (both chopped), sunflower seeds, a handful of chia seeds and rinsed quinoa, and coconut flakes. Instead of canola oil we used coconut oil. I added a dash of real vanilla, a lot of cinnamon, and about 1/4 of the maple syrup the recipe called for. While granola cooked we measured out raisins, dried cranberries, and chopped a few dried apricots. As soon as it was all cooled and tossed together BOTH kids devoured some in yogurt! Success! This will be made often.   

Last but not least, bone broth. My littlest has a cold & hubby had a touch of one so I’m in “mama remedies” mode. Good quality bone broth isn’t something you can buy in the store. I would NEVER drink a cup of store bought stock when I’m feeling ill. Homemade bone broth though? You bet! It can’t be easier. Tomorrow afternoon I’m putting a chicken carcass in the crock pot with 8-10c of water, salt/pepper/spices/a bay leaf, 1Tbs of Braggs apple cider vinegar, and letting it cook on low for at least 24hrs.

The result is a silky broth that can be sipped to help heal the gut or help you feel better when ill. It’s also great for cooking! I try to make a batch every other week or so, more often if we are sick. Anything I won’t consume in a few days gets popped in the freezer for soups/rice!

After the kombucha, bread, granola, and stock I have saved myself quite a bit of money this week! I suppose I will also mention there is also a small batch of homemade sauerkraut fermenting in my kitchen. If it turns out I will be one happy mama! 

Best part of this whole week, my middle child loves to cook and had a blast with all the kitchen fun!     


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