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Tonight, I Sip February 13, 2016

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Sometimes life throws you curve balls. This winter has been one BIG curve ball of illness for me. Between kids colds, stomach bugs, plugged milk ducts, lymph node infections, thrush, migraines…it has seemed never ending. So what have I done? Taken a step back, gone back to basics, worked on the families nutrition, and I have started healing my gut again. 

I could go into WHY I eat gluten/dairy free and mostly sugar free (except locally sourced AMAZING raw honey!), why I drink bone broth, why I take copious amounts of vitamin D, etc for days. Tonight my mind is on herbs. I don’t used a lot of them for medicinal purposes (especially when nursing!) but I do love them in teas.

Our home currently houses about 10 different varieties of tea. From bagged green, herbal fruit teas (kids love them!), tension tamer, & sleepy time teas to loose leaf smokey chai, soothing speramint, earl grey…all delicious and call for different occasions/moods.

This evening, as I washed my daughters tiny tea set, I chose a wonderful loose leaf hibiscus ginger blend from a local shop, Peaceful Parlour. I had to snap a picture as it steeped because it turned such a beautiful red color!   

The hibiscus in this tea is tangy and sweet, the ginger is warm and soothing. I chose this blend for its calming and anti inflammatory properties. Hibiscus, in some, may help lower high blood pressure/cholesterol, cold symptoms, relieve constipation, irritated stomachs, & nerve disease. 

Ginger is well known for its ability to calm nausea and upset stomachs (hello morning sickness remedy!). It may also also help with dizziness, menstrual pain, arthritis, muscle pain/soreness, and other inflammation related problems. It’s pretty darn awesome. 

It’s no coincidence that the foods and teas I’ve been craving and drawn to all have one thing in common, they are inflammation reducers. Healing my gut and reducing inflammation is how I helped myself feel SO HEALTHY about three years ago!! It also keeps my migraines at bay. 

So tonight I sip on this beautiful tea blend, contemplating how its ingredients are aiding my body in healing. How the work I do externally is being helped internally by nourishing whole foods, supplements, and herbs…how it’s about balance, about listening to my body, about knowing that when diet and stress get out of hand I get sick…a lot. 

I breathe deep and sip on, enjoying these thoughts a simple cup of tea AND the silence of three sleeping children has brought me. 

What are your favorite teas? 

*I am NOT a medically trained professional and the information I provide here has come from multiple sources ranging from WebMd & medical journals to herbal books. Herbs can work differently for each person so please consult with a health care professional for further details/information. 


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