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Coconut and almond flour pancakes January 31, 2016

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These don’t taste like regular pancakes. I make a mean gluten and dairy free pancake too, but that’s not what I was after this morning. Trying to lower my sugar intake this morning after two bad  days of binge eating but I didn’t feel like “eggs and bacon”. 

These have an “eggy” French toast feel and taste to them. I love coconut flour as it is grain free but I love almond flour for the protein, so this is the best of both worlds. I had someone request a recipe so here you go!

Coconut and almond flour pancakes


-1/4c coconut and almond flour, total (1/8 of each in 1/4c)

– 2 eggs, lightly beaten

– 1 ripe banana, mashed

– 1/8c water or dairy free milk

– a splash of vanilla

– a dash of cinnamon 

– maple syrup (optional in recipe can use on top after cooking)

Recipe: In a small bowl mix all wet ingredients. (You can add a small splash of maple syrup if you’d like to get that “French toast” taste, or you can omit it and top with maple syrup after cooking.  They are naturally a little sweet because of the banana and coconut flour).

In a 1/4c measuring cup, fill it about halfway with coconut flour then fill the rest with almond flour. I push down to pack a little bit and mound another little bit of almond flour on top. 

Heat skillet over medium heat and lightly oil with coconut oil. Mix the dry into the wet. Pour into pan (about silver dollar sized) and let cook for 4-5mins before you try flipping. 

These are SOFT so use a greased spatula and scoop/flip carefully. Once flipped give about 3-4 more mins. Then remove from pan and enjoy! 

Even the baby approved and came over to steal mine! Middle child ate some too when all the regular pancakes were gone 😊. Yum!!


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