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It’s 2015!! January 14, 2015

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Happy New Year!!!

I’ve been gone for a while as we have been incredibly busy and I’m not going to lie…I was mentally and physically exhausted. Why? Two reasons:
1) I was pregnant! It was a very exhausting, physically trying, and painful pregnancy.
2) We had a baby! 🙂

So here I sit, the beginning of a new year looking forward to more writing (even if it’s at 3am while nursin a grumpy baby!) and a few important goals! My most important goal this year is to take more time for myself. Riiiiiiiignt with a newborn? Hahaha! No really, I mean it!! I am only 15lbs away from my prepregnancy weight, I am still somewhat sane, and we are all adjusting relatively well. I would like to keep on this path!!

For now though I will sit behind my screen, typing away, snuggling a newborn, and attempting to meal plan for the next week!

Wishing you love and peace!


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