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Less Sugar, More Faith January 19, 2014

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I will be honest here, since having Ana I’ve had a few medical problems that won’t resolve. Even after our elimination diet/strict gluten, dairy, egg, soy, processed sugar/food free diet I was still uncomfortable. I have tried every homeopathic remedy possible and my docs have tried quite a few things too. Well, since October my diet has been awful which made both problems even worse. I have fallen off the no sugar bandwagon, and I have been eating too much junk. I’ve been slowly trying to weed them out…but not fast enough.

After seeing my doc yesterday she have me a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for the next two weeks till my follow up/test results come in. Number two on the list is “avoid sugar/limit fruit”. We discussed the tests she is running, what happens if they pop up negative for anything and then she told me to relax and have a latte on the way home. Her definition of avoid sugar and mine is much different! I’m sure she means to just avoid it for the most part with an occasional treat. Yeah, I came home and purged my kitchen of all the crap that has been tempting me when I get stressed/bored…

I typically don’t cook with a lot of sugar but grains digest like a sugar causing insulin spikes…so off grains (including rice/quinoa etc) for the next two weeks we go! Yes we, I have some gf mixes for the kids that will be used for pancakes/muffins they are accustomed to but otherwise meats/veggies it will be. Kids will get more fruit than I do & we will keep small amounts of beans. After almost two years of figuring out how to properly soak/sprout/cook beans and figuring out which beans agree with us we are keeping them.

I started a Pinterst board with some ideas for the next few weeks…and from there on too just not as extreme ;). If your interested you can find it here!

As a person who tends to stress eat I’m also checking out the book Made to Crave. I did a similar Bible study back when we were first married and I loved it. It was so refreshing & helped me focus on the root of the problem.

This morning I stared my day with a kale, butternut squash, carrot sauté with a bowl of ham and white bean soup. I made the soup yesterday before going to the doc…it’s getting eaten. 🙂 It is yummy!

Now, I’m going to go snuggle my daughter. She is running a low fever so she’s super snuggly today 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday!



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