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Five Minute Friday: See January 10, 2014

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Five Minute Friday
Every Friday Lisa Jo Baker gives a prompt, writes for five minutes, and then invites those who write on the prompt link up on her website. This weeks prompt is “See” & it was very fitting for my day.

See, I see their desire to play, I see the hope and joy in their faces, I see the love and joy in the small things we do.

On days like today I need to stop and see more. Migraines make mothering tough…trying to remain helpful and loving when your head wants to explode is trying. So we snuggle, we play quiet games on the couch, and we watch more tv than I want to admit. I have to see them, really see how they are reacting to my pain/quiet.

They see me hurt & I can tell it worries them. Prayers for healing and reassurance that I’m ok is all I can offer. They have to see my strength. I have to show them my love regardless…

Lord help us to see and acknowledge each other’s needs in time of pain and in times of joy. Help us to be patient, kind, and not quick to judge.



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