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Happy New Year! January 5, 2014

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Proverbs 22: 17-29, Words of the Wise

I’ve been looking for the “perfect” New Years resolution/solution/idea for myself/the household for a while. This weekend I even started a blog post about it. It was awful. Started all ‘Happy New Year’ & it continued on chronicling too many painful/sorrowful events of last year. 2013 was like Friday the 13th over and over (thank you Susan for that analogy).

2014, aside from the weather, has started so peaceful. It makes me hopeful for a turn around in circumstances and my attitude/resolve! Yes I realize we are only 6 days in. Yes I have genuine, concrete, everyday tasks that MUST be done. However, I had a wake up call last night. I’ve been neglecting my faith, mindfulness, presence, and my physical self. I just haven’t been HERE on a day to day basis. Been doing things to keep my mind off all the “could be doing” tasks and focusing on the “want to veg on the couch with kids” tooooooo much. Their behavior was showing it recently too.

By being completely present in my daily life I will easily accomplish my goals this year! Easily. Now do I mean easily as in no opposition, temptation, struggle, or lack of motivation? Not at all. I simply mean easy in knowing that I’m doing what is right, good and blessed for my family.

Of course this all came to me while heading to bed. I played Russian roulette with my Bible because I was unable to decide where I wanted to read from last night. I stumbled upon Proverbs 22: 17-29. I won’t type the whole thing out but I will share the part that hooked me into reading more. Proverbs 22: 17-21 says “Incline your ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply your heart to my knowledge, for it will be pleasant if you keep them within you, if all of them are ready on your lips. That your trust may be in the Lord, I have made them known to you today, even to you. Have I not written for you thirty sayings of counsel and knowledge, to make you know what is right and true, that you may give a true answer to those who sent you?”

Here are the lessons I was reminded of last night:
– Be present and listen
– Learn and love
– Trust in the Lord
– Seek HIS counsel and knowledge for answers
– Serve/protect those less fortunate/in need (more than we do) as they are His too
– Let go of those in my life who are negative influences on the children or I
– Let go of/do not encourage anger
– Be sure you can keep any promises you make

ALL of my goals can be helped by these lessons, especially being present in every situation. I’ve become great at zoning out and living in ‘survival mode’ most days. I’m guessing any mom knows exactly what I’m talking about! So in 2014 I look forward to resuming our cash budget/envelope system, getting off sugar (again as I got hooked fall 2013), better organizing/purging our home and daily life, getting back to an active life (yoga, bike, jogging, weights), serving my family by curbing my anger/impatience. Through prayer, hard work, patience, love, encouragement, and grace these goals SHOULD be simple. I just need to remember the lessons I took away from Proverbs last night!

I hope 2014 is a prosperous and blessed year for you too! God bless!


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