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It’s Almost Christmas! December 24, 2013

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I’m hosting Christmas Eve brunch this year and I needed to clean my house, like scrub bathroom floors & toilets clean, and I hate it! Lol. Cleaning house isn’t an activity I get to as often as I’d like with two LO ‘s around. But, when I do get to it I HATE being bombarded by obnoxious smells.

You will find very few chemically based cleaners in our house. I hate the way they smell, how long it takes the fumes to vacate my house and how dangerous they can be to our kids. The four substances we still use that are chemically based are: toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent, hand soap & dish soap. Everything else can be & usually is cleaned with either vinegar or tea tree oil & water.

This article sums up my thoughts as to “why” we dont clean with chemicals.

Vinegar is antibacterial & antifungal. The smell goes away super quick. Bugs don’t like it. It cleans most anything. It’s CHEAP!!!! And for bathrooms (more germs) I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the mix!

Kitchen counters? Stove? Microwave & floor? Vinegar (or dish soap)
Bathroom, just about everything but toilet bowl? Vinegar & tea tree oil.
Dusting? Vinegar
Carpet messes? Vinegar!

It’s a miraculous cleaner! And, it’s also a natural fabric softener! Add a bit to laundry when washing & no extra fabric softener or dryer sheets needed! This site has lots of other fun vinegar facts.

So, now that I cleaned my house and hoped up on my vinegar soapbox I have to brag that I have the most delicious marinade on a pork roast for tomorrow. I’m making a Maple Dijon (also bacon wrapped) pork loin roast from “Cooking for Isaiah”. I hope it turns out as amazing as the marinade tasted before putting it in the fridge. 🙂

With the dishes I’ve prepared and what others are bringing our menu looks like this:
Appetizer: Shrimp & cocktail sauce.
Main course: Pork Loin Roast, quiche, potato and rice balls, roasted veggies, and fruit.
Baked goods: Orange cherry scones, possibly more depending on what my mom decided to whip up. She is a genius gluten fre baker. Something I am not. :/

Oh, and I made this amazing gluten/dairy free fudge for my hubby’s family dinner party…it is beyond awesome!

I’m guessing this will be my final post for 2013. Our calendar is hectic between now and New Years. I have been contemplating making themes for certain blog days for 2014 (IE: Managing The Home Mondays, Thrifty Thursdays, Faith Fridays) with more in between I’m sure :). Will have to mull it over!

Before I sign off for the night I’d like to send you all Christmas wishes. May you have love in your heart, family/friends to surround you, and the joy/peace of Christ ever on your mind.

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Years too!


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