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Weekly Meal Planning! September 1, 2013

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As I sat down making my weekly meal plan/grocery lists I thought “Why not share?'” 🙂 So, here is what our week looks like cooking wise! I’ll attach some recipe links as well as an idea of where I buy some snacks 😉

Sweet potatoes & black beans
Homemade sausage & smoothies
– Bacon, avocado, fruit
– GF Oatmeal w/ raisins or frozen berries
Sweet or savory scones and bacon or sausage (whatever we have leftover)
(just a note, in the sweet scones I sub Costco gf/DF choc chips and honey instead of agave)
– Smoothies & bacon or sausage

– PB & J (bread for Lil, Rice cakes for Ana & I) with Veggies & Hummus (for Ana & I)/ Ranch (for Lil)
– Ham rolls with avocado, fruit and veggies
– Chicken nuggets (GF) with fries and mixed veggies
(Two of the few convenience foods we have! Tyson, Golden Platter, Applegate farms and other brands make decent gf chicken nuggets. We use Alexia’s French fries, I buy a big bag of waffle cut ones at Costco and it lasts us a few weeks)
Tuna salad lettuce wraps I don’t usually use a recipe. I just open up a few cans of tuna, mash up some avocado, add in finely chopped onion, celery, carrots, dill pickles, mix and roll into lettuce 🙂
– BLT wraps

– Stir fry w/ rice or riced cauliflower
– Meatloaf or meatballs with potatoes
( I’ve been using a standard non gf/paleo recipe but I’ve been crushing these as breadcrumbs! I can find them at most box stores but I know Meijer sells them)
Bourbon street chicken with rice or riced cauliflower. (Just a note, use a little less crushed red pepper flakes if kiddos eating this one!)
Summer veggies with quinoa. I also just cook up quinoa in bone broth, sauté up whatever veggies I have from the garden, mix the two and add seasonings 🙂
Pad Thai ( I sub GF soy sauce or Coconut Aminos)
– Roasted Chicken with root veggies (Just whatever seasonings/veggies sound good)

Snacks for kids on hand:
– Beef sticks (Aldi)
– Raw fruits and veggies (accompany MOST meals too!)
– Fruit leathers (Costco)
– Fruit and nut/Nut and seed bars (Kirkland brand at Costco)
– Veggie chips or sticks (either Costco or Aldi)
– Juice pouches (the prepackaged purees in pouches sold by happy family/plum organics or such, we always have a small stash on hand!)

Phew, that’s a lot! 🙂


2 Responses to “Weekly Meal Planning!”

  1. Kelly Seaton Says:

    Thanks for linking up our site! Looks like a delicious week!

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