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Mom Confession: I Love My Kids More When They Sleep August 1, 2013

Filed under: Kids,Mama Rants,Randomness — laurab06 @ 1:03 pm

Ok…not exactly. The explanation is SOMEDAYS I love my kids a little more because are asleep. To explain I should start with this: any stay at home parent will tell you there are four kinds of day with kids.

1) Excellent days. The kids were pretty good & you got something accomplished. Even if it was only a load of laundry or errand.

2) Good days. Either the kids were alright and nothing got accomplished or you got a lot accomplished but the kids were kinda unruly/grumpy. Just enough to make bed time a glorious thing.

3) Bad days. Nothing gets accomplished and kids are beasts. Or, lots gets accomplished despite kids and they are still beasts…but some days you just have crap to do. Getting them outside usually helps and the day improves!

4) Don’t talk, look, sing, or even breathe in my general direction kind of days. The kids wake up grumpy. They cry and whine all day. Demand crap. Try to make deals with you that are hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Nothing is improving this day. By 5o’clock there is a glass of wine in hand and when daddy gets home mom checks out.

Now, that being said, we’ve had a #4 kind of day. By 8am I knew it was going to take all my energy, patience and restraint to not scream “STOP WHINING AT ME” for the rest of the day. She was walking around the house just making moaning/whining noises, didn’t want me to help her figure out what was wrong or how to make it better…thought getting out with a few of her pals would help.

Boy was I wrong…she did the same thing to them. Ok, home. Food.Bed.Now.

I say all this because NOW you can see why I love them a bit more as they are sleeping.


Because I can snuggle her and let all the negative energy of the morning go. I can relax to the in/exhale of her breaths and just soak in the love she gives as she holds my hand with one hand and tosses the other by face as if to say ‘we got this mom, it’ll be better later and btw, I still love you’.


Because after she gets done nursing she wants to snuggle and I can take a moment to enjoy how her little arms hold onto me. I can play with her adorable ringlets and giggle at how much she is like me…and somedays her father.

Then I can let them dream in peace to wake up in better moods while I go clean, relax, nap, or whatever it takes to regain my peace/center/focus. We all get a ‘do over’ this afternoon.

This is why they nap. This is why I love naps. This is why even if it means we don’t get to see friends or have to leave playdates early because of nap time we do it. Because my kids still need it and on days like today it’s a saving grace. #4 days ALWAYS warrent naps 😉


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