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We’ve Been Busy! June 25, 2013

Filed under: Kids,Mama Rants,Randomness — laurab06 @ 10:11 pm

So it’s been a long while since I’ve updated my blog/written anything! Boo!! Well, I’m still alive. 🙂

The last few months have brought many trials…children being sick/behavioral issues, housing crud, hubby changing jobs (more than once), a recouring health problem for me, family stuff…it’s been interesting! But busy and so very stressful.

I have been missing my ‘mama tribe’ as I feel like we have been to sick/busy to see many of them. Another part of me knows it’s also the stress of even leaving the house some days that keeps us home. In essence, we have been hermits :/

Thankfully we have vacation soon! Then, maybe then, I’ll be brave enough to leave the house more. Well, maybe…see, there is an underlying factor. I have, well, one of ‘those children’. You know, the one who…
– listens/hears you but refuses to obey (over even the tiniest, repetitive day to day stuff)
– runs (and I mean RUNS!) Everywhere, every chance she gets
– refuses to sit anywhere for more than 5min and FREAKS OUT if she can’t move
– has EPIC, ‘world is ending’, can’t stop crying, loud as all get out temper tantrums over every.little.thing.
– is still pretty mommy attatched…so other people helping usually has its own set of problems.

Yep. This is my kid. Usually, if we are out and about (moving) at a zoo, mall, some place I’m walking she is perfectly content in the carrier, cart or stroller. However, as soon as movent stops, she wants out/to walk & move herself. And if she can’t get down/out watch out because she’ll let everyone in a 5mile radius know!

If we are out to eat she wants to run around and explore the restraunt. I’m lucky if she ever sits down to eat…and if she does it’s a quick 5min snack and she wants down again. We have stopped taking her out to eat for the time being…

Just keep her buckled/wrapped right? Hahahahaha, I wish. She will arch/straighten/squirm loose of carriers. She screams bloody murder in strollers/carts/high chairs. And honestly, I can’t handle being the mom with the kid sitting in a high chair screaming while I try to eat dinner. Feel like I’m ruining someone elses meal! I’ve even tried holding her in my lap & that usually involves bucking and head butting so I gave up on that. Lately, she just gets removed from the situation. Either dad or I take her and leave. It’s just not worth it.

I can honestly say that going anywhere anymore elicits a mini panic attack as I ponder how long I’ll have before she tantrums, what I have in my bag of tricks to keep her occupied, if her sister will be helpful or make it worse, etc…I’m at my wits end and some days don’t know what to do with her. :p

Those days usually end up being days where daddy takes over asap after work. Mama just needs a break.

So, that’s a mini version of where I am. Done. Stressed. Need a vacation (and I’ll have help from not just my hubby but inlaws too!!). Praying I’ll find the patience & guidance I need to parent this child!!!

Till next time! (Hopefully soon!) 🙂 I’ll have to share out wonderful vacation pictures as we take them. The Northwoods always make me feel so peaceful!


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