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Five Minute Friday: Comfort May 10, 2013

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This week is over, Friday is here, YIPPY! We have had a busy, doctor/chiro filled week and the girls have been extremely challenging a few days. The word comfort resonates deeply with me as we’ve all needed it this week. So write for five minutes, share…

Five Minute Friday

Comfort is love, I love comfort. Snuggles for the girls, a hug, a kiss to make whatever bothers them better. They smell of childhood, of joy, of sweetness. Their sweet little arms wrapped around my neck giving as much love and comfort to me as i’m giving them. So precious and sweet.

There was such comfort in my spouse, family and friends this week. They let me pour out my concerns and frustrations with a kind & non judgemental ear. Reminding me that there are people around me who care for and love me. Being the comfort of this world that Christ asks us to show those around us.

Lord thank you for all the wonderful friends, family and aquaintences you’ve put in my life. Wether I am their comfort or they are mine, I’m blessed to have them in my life.


What/Who is your comfort this week?


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