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I Hate Hidden Sugar So I Cook April 21, 2013

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No, we don’t eat perfect. Yes, sometimes I binge on foods I KNOW aren’t good for me. Generally speaking though we try to avoid foods containing sugars, artificial sweeteners and HFCS.

The biggest problem is that it’s in EVERYTHING. Breads, some pastas, cheeses, some milk, almost any “processed meats” (IE: hot dogs, sausage (even ‘fresh’ raw sausage), lunch meats, etc), sauces, canned/boxed foods, pretty much any frozen/prepackaged/prepared meals and most foods bought at restaurants. Ok, maybe not the steamed veggies. 😉

And we wonder why kids are overweight and getting diabetes so early in life? Ok, so there ARE some other factors. 🙂 But seriously, look at food labels. Aside from the fact that sugar (which is bleached btw, yeah, no thanks) is so frequently used so is HFCS and artificial sweeteners (which are just manmade chemicals and are carcinogens).

– Sugar changes the way you taste/experience foods so you crave it and starchy foods. Makes your fruits, veggies, and meats seem less satisfying.
– Sugar leaves you craving sugar!
– It suppresses your immune system for a few hours after eating it leaving you more vulnerable to colds/viruses.
– The highs and lows in insulin levels promote mood swings, fatigue, and weight gain.
– Just a few others: anxiety, worse PMS symptoms, leaky gut/IBS or other digestive issues, ADD/ADHD symptoms in otherwise normal kids, type 2 diabetes.

Where am I going with this? Breakfast sausage! I spend time once a week cooking up fresh patties then freeze them for quick morning meals. I started with this site a few months ago. I’ve been adapting since and think I’ve figured out my families perfect sausage 🙂

– 3lbs 85/15 ground turkey
– 3 Tbs red wine vinegar
– 1 Tbs of each garlic and onion powder
– 3-4Tbs seasonings (I usually do all sage or just a flavorful ‘Italian Seasoning” mix)
– a few shakes of salt and white pepper

Mix, form patties, cook over med heat till done & enjoy. I usually cook one and try it. If the seasoning needs to be adjusted you can do it before making the rest 😀

Enjoy! 😉


In case you’re wondering what sweetners we do keep in the house there are three.

1) Raw honey, local is best.
2) Organic, raw, unbleached cane sugar.
3) Brown sugar (it lurks in my baking cabinet just in case i run out of my top two sweeter choices).

For baking you can also look into making a date paste!

Some links regarding sugar/aspartame.


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