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Five Minute Friday: Jump April 19, 2013

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Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday. I’ve missed five minute Fridays for a few months…I just keep forgetting to check the prompt. This weeks prompt ‘Jump’ is stumping me but here goes nothing.

— Jump. Release. Trust. Jumping into unknown territories is scary. Scared is good. Scared means you’re alive. Scared makes you learn about yourself. Scared makes you trust in God. Trust that jumping into parenting full force by following His lead is the way to raise respectful, loving, compassionate kids. Jumping into loving your spouse/partner with His love for us in mind will be fulfilling for both of you and model love to your children. Jump. We all make mistakes by jumping sometimes. Grace and mercy save us. And sometimes a good apology to those we hurt. Jump into love, faith, mercy, His goodness. Jump for my life, my peace, my sanity. For through Him I can jump head first into any challenge, problem or gift given with faith! Jump. —

Ah, now THAT was much needed this morning. Now, to finish the dishes and my coffee. Hugs fellow bloggers/readers and have a blessed Friday!


2 Responses to “Five Minute Friday: Jump”

  1. shortybear Says:

    Glad you shared.

  2. sarahlangdon Says:

    I love this line — “Jump into love, faith, mercy, His goodness.”
    Don’t you think a prompt like this one really gets the blood pumping?

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