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Five Minute Friday: Bare February 10, 2013

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I’m so behind in all areas of my life this week…bills being turned in JUST before grace periods, missing/forgetting to cancel appointments, blog days etc, etc, etc. I can’t wait to be in my home soon. We are FINALLY dried out (after two friggin weeks) so praying they can begin construction this week!!!!! Well, with being behind I forgot to look at this weeks Five Minute Friday topic. Lisa chose “Bare” so I decided that even though it’s Sunday I’m doing it…a few days late…

Five Minute Friday


Bare, what a word. I’ve been bare the last two weeks. Bare in my parenting, bare with my family but not bare with myself and to my God. I’ve been fighting, I’ve been fearful, but I refused to lay it all down and see it for what it is. I chance to grow. A chance o bare my soul to God and let him change this resentment and anger into growth, peace and trust. A chance to turn to Him so that my anger can be transformed into gentle persistence. I know I’m more helpful when someone is kind to me so why do I give less than that to others?

Bare…parenting…crying grumpy on my nerves all day almost one year old. Out of ideas, she saw mean mommy this week and I was glad we are here. Surrounded by family. Who accepts the raw emotions that come with this child sometimes. She’s been showing us her true colors this week.

Bare…Lil…she’s a huge fan of being bare. “Mama I’m NAKED!!!” as she runs screaming in delight with no shame what so ever. No shame. Why do we lose that as we grow older? There is no shame in being bare. Bare = truth. The true us. God loves us that way. He knows our inmost desires, thoughts, needs, wants etc and He STILL LOVES US. He still gave us His life. Still asks us to come to him soul wide open, bare it all with no shame.

Bare…raw…open book…I’ve been stripped down to ‘bare’ and working on rebuilding over the past year. So very grateful for my friends, family and my God during this. Funny how a few changes (kids, house, car, health etc.) in life cause you to take a good hard look at yourself, your temper, your situations, your reactions, you lifestyle…bare.



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