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Cloth Diapers – Cleaning February 6, 2013

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On my way old blog (no longer published) I did a three blog “series” about benefits, types and care of cloth diapers. Recently I had a friend ask about how to care for them. So I dug out this old blog (number 3 of 3), edited and added a few new tips for her. If anyone is interested in the first two let me know and I’ll dig them up too!!!!

“Before I forget, cause this can mess with cleaning and absorbancy, kids in cloth diapers tend to get less diaper rash but in the event they do just remember to use a cream without a petroleum base. The petro sticks to and messes up the diapers..

Cleaning the diapers. You can buy a snazzy fancy cloth diaper detergents (Rockin Green etc.) but that depends on your financial & personal situation. Most free and clear detergents are ok for cloth, just use a TINY amount, think 1/4 of what you would normally use. If you see ANY suds in the diapers/washer after final wash cycle do another rinse. If you use too much it will build up and you’ll get a funky smell when baby pees in diaper. Then you’ll need to strip them.

Big no nos for diapers? No borax, no oxi clean, no harsh stuff. Also, this is a personal preference but don’t dry your diaper covers. Hang them. The pee well will last longer. Mine started cracking and leaking about 18mts in with our first kiddo. :/

One mama I know uses just a free and clear detergent (NOTHING with any softener or scents, it will mess with the absorbency). She soaks, adds 1/2 normal amount of free & clear detergent & does 2 regular cycles on cold, dry on high heat.

Becuase we have a front loader and I’m a little more, well, crazy, about them being clean I do:
– one cold rinse cycle with 2oz vinegar
– Hot wash with extra rinse with 1/3 of my normal All Free and Clear or a bag of soap nuts & 4 drops of tea tree oil (can buy @ Wal Mart for like $6).
(Most times I use soap nuts instead of detergent, LOVE soap nuts. Just don’t dry them!!)
– Then dry on high heat.

If you’re asking yourself what soap nuts are, check them out here

If you start getting a stink in diapers and stripping them is needed you can do two things. One, fill your bathtub with scalding hot water add 4-5 drops of blue, original Dawn dish soap. Add diapers and soak all night. Drain/rinse and add to washer then do like 3-4 hot cycles to get dawn out and dry. Or if you have a top loader you can do this in your actual washing machine…front loaders don’t often use enough water in my opinion.”

Hope this helps Amy 🙂


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