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You Know What I LOVE? A Good Deal. January 21, 2013

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Who DOESN’T love a good bargain? I usually don’t like shopping (especially with two kids in toe) but I can’t pass up the opportunity to save money. I typically try to FreeCycle something up if I can. Otherwise we usually shop at Salvation Army, Goodwill or New Uses before buying anything full price.

Well, this always makes me think of Costco and how much I SAVE by buying things in bulk from that wonderful store! Not to mention how cheap it is for my husband and daughter to eat a meal there when I’m too lazy/tired/worn out and don’t want to worry about it after we get home. 😉

We braved the Sunday Costco crowds to pick up a few things this weekend. Mainly bulk almonds, dried cherries (FINALLY back in stock), dried blueberries and coconut oil. After doing the math I realized that by spending $13 on big bag of almonds I’m SAVING anywhere from $4 – $14 a bag…

In one bag of almonds I can usually get:
– 1 12oz jar of raw almond butter ($8-$15/jar depending on brand)
– 1 or 2 batchs of almond milk ($2 per batch)
– Lots of raw almonds for Lil to munch ($6-$10 a lb elsewhere!)

That last one for Lil’s snacks is a big deal because she eats almonds like they are candy. The last two nights they (accompanied by fruit) have been her dinner and before bed snack ;). Love that kid.

In case you’re interested HERE is the recipe for delicious raw almond butter. I use coconut oil, and more than they call for usually. Just watch for youre desired consistency :). It will not be as creamy as your Jif peanut butter but it WILL be delicious spread on your choice of toast or rice cake!

And HERE is the recipe I typically follow for homemade almond milk. I’ve tried some others but this one usually turns out the best. 🙂

I love being able to make my own pantry staples (including homemade coconut butter too!) and controling the ingredients in them. No extra salt/sugar or random chemicals for “shelf stable” purposes. Yes, the almond butter needs to be used in a few weeks and the milk in a week or so but that’s about average for us around here between smoothies, GF Almond butter and Jelly sandwiches for playdates, baking etc.

Since I’m discussing the wondefulness of Costco here is a list (compliments of all my crunchy DuPage AP Moms!) of other fabulous buys:
– Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice
– Organic Chia/Hemp/Flax Seeds (Chia is a FANTASTIC BUY! You’ll pay $10 at Costco for a large bag vs the SAME $ or MORE for a bag 1/2 the size at a local retailer or health food store)
– Fair Trade Chocolate Chips (dairy and gluten free!)
– Kerry Gold Butter (Grass Fed)
– Organic Lemon Juice
– Organic Canned Tomatoes
– Organic Coconut Oil (FANTASTIC BUY! $7 to $15 for a small jar at normal retailers, $16 for a gigantic one at Costco!)
– Organic Rice/Soy/Almond Milks (depending on your store)
– Some organic produce (fresh and frozen, domestic and imported depending on the season)
– Organic/Cage Free Eggs
– Grass Fed/Organic Meats (depending on your store)
– Organic Beef and Chicken Base (depending on your store)
– Kirkland Rotisserie Chickens (Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free)
– Sweet Potato Chips
– Kettle Chips Potato Chips (FANTASTIC BUY! A small bag will run you $2 or up at a normal retailer, $4 for a HUGE bag at Costco)
– Organic Tortilla Chips
– Many Alternative Grain Chips
– Fruit Leather, Fruit Snacks (Annie’s) and Dried Fruit (Kirkland Cherries and Blueberries can’t be beat)
– Cliff Kid’s Bars
– Kirkland Brand Fruit Nut/Nut & Seed Bars
– Organic Salsa
– Organic Jelly/Peanut Butter/Almond Butter (depending on your store)
– Pire Vanilla Extract (Not organic, but is GF)
– Spices & Minced Garlic (some you can ocassionally find organic)
– Kirkland Brand Toilet Paper
And I’m sure there are more…

Long story short? I LOVE that store and IF I was allowed there more than once a month I’d probably spend one of my hubby’s whole paycheck there. So my friends go forth, spend money at my all time favorite store and enjoy the furgal deliciousness! 😉


One Response to “You Know What I LOVE? A Good Deal.”

  1. theelblsix Says:

    Lovely ideas! 🙂 I wish we had a costco closer here. (it’s about 1 hr away with traffic). We’re making do at BJ’s, but it’s not the same!

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