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Winter Bugs STINK January 5, 2013

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Ok, I know sick kids is inevitable sometimes but these past couple of weeks have been brutal! I was going to do a post about my meals this week (cause I have some good ones coming up!) but I think I really need to get this all out…this whole experiece shook me up a bit.

Lil got sick the week before Christmas. Started with boogers, went to a cough and boogers with a fever for about 24hrs. She threw up twice one morning (which we initially thought was just from mucus in her belly) and then was just boogery and sneezy and SOOOOOOO grumpy.

We avoided my family for Christmas because we didn’t want to get my grandfather (or anyone else) whatever this was. Against my better judgement we saw the hubby’s side for a bit.


Big mistake.

The next morning (Christmas Day) Ana woke up grumpy and with a fever. Day progresses and she’s lethargic, warm and really grumpy. Overnight I realize my chest hurts, nose is draining, fever is starting…I get sick…she gets even more lethargic plus she can’t breathe so she’s not eating or sleeping. All she does for over 14hrs is lay on me complaining quietly, just laid there. It got to the point where I had to pump her and feed her/get liquids in her with a medicine syrine from Walgreens…glad I kept those!!!!

Now I start to get worried. Not just because she wasn’t eating or sleeping but because she was visibly and audibly having a really hard time catching her breath. She was taking short, high pitched, shallow breaths over and over but never seemed to catch her breath. It was scary. Her heart rate was up and she couldn’t relax. Day after Christmas saw an ER visit for her :/

Long morning in the ER. Her O2 levels were a little low, heart rate elevated, and her fever still higher than I’d like (even on meds). So, they did a chest xray (to rule out pneumonia), bloodwork (to rule out RSV and a few others), nasal swab (also for RSV and flu), IV fluids for dehydration (as I suspected and bloodwork confirmed), and finally a breathing treatment.

I’m not one for meds. If we can fix something at home without intervention (or natural methods) I know our bodies will get over it and the antibodies will be that much better. However, I’m also not about my kid suffering. After the breathing treatment (before IV’s) she was like a new kid. She could take deep breaths, she nursed, she relaxed and she passed out for the first time in almost 12hrs. I was so relieved!!! They said they’d send us home with albuterol since it helped in the ER. Awesome. We were discharged and went home to nurse and nap.

Three hours later she couldn’t breathe again and she was gasping for air. We’d been trying everything we could think of. Gave her the oral albuterol. Nothing. Try nursing, try rocking, try sitting, standing, wrapping, rocking, eating, shocking her lungs…an hour later she’s still gasping. Hubby tells me that we are going to have to do something, possibly take her back to ER. I was NOT doing that again. Thankfuly a family member had a spare nebulizer and we got meds. Talked to the allergist and she told us what to do till we could get in to see them.

OMG I’ve never been so relieved for modern medicine. Every four hours my poor kid would snuggle into me for a treatment but it WORKED. She could finally relax, sleep, eat and most importantly…breathe. She sounded awful. Even when she could breathe. Lil has had nasty coughs and congestion but I’d never heard anything like this before. Wheezing in an infant is kinda scary.

After seeing doc she was diagnosed with bronchitis and told it’s an “asthmatic like response” … and that kids with a lot of food allergies tend to have asthmatic lungs. There was also a chance that being around dogs the night before could has set this all in motion (who knows if she has my and
Anthony’s allergy to dogs). Plus, dad has asthma (mostly environmental now). Sigh, ok. Day after our ER visit I took her to see the chiro and within minutes of adjusting her thoracic area she was noticiblly taking deeper breaths.

So here we are, almost two weeks later and she’s still recovering. Thankfully, no more breathing treatments needed but she still has this nasty nose going on. Gave it a few days to clear up and doing what we could naturally but it seemed to be getting WORSE. I quit, doc called in meds. We still aren’t sleeping. She’s so congested she has trouble eating. And I feel helpless becaue I can’t get it to clear up. Not with diet (which is already crazy strict as is), upping my and her vitamins/probiotics, booger sucking, saline, bmilk in the nose, humidifier, salves, oils in the diffuser…it’s just keeping her miserable. She even spiked a low fever overnight Wednesday/Thursday morning and was REALLY grumpy. Super glad we started meds. Seemed to help immensely. This is the first time she’s on antibiotics and all I could do was pray that she didn’t react badly. 😦

This winter bug isn’t just in our house either. Seems like everyone I know has it. Some kids have the bronchitis turn into pneumonia (thank you God for letting us avoid that). Praying that anyone else affected by this bug can get lots of rest and get well soon.

Now to degerm/clean our house, wash the sheets, run purification oil in the air and catch up on all our housework that’s been so neglected during this. This was NOT how I saw my 2013 beginning. Praying that I can get both kids (Lil is still slightly drippy too!) fully recovered and get our January turned around.

Looking forward to the next post with recipes…I concocted some awesome stuff this past week and can’t wait to share!!! Till then, nighty night!


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