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Soup and Crisp! November 27, 2012

Filed under: Recipe — laurab06 @ 1:53 pm
Christmas is less than a month away, it’s getting chilly and all I want to do is COOK!!! Well, and bake too 🙂

I love this time of year, especially when nursing as I NEVER get cold thanks to the extra hormones floating around in my system. Sometimes though, I want the house toasty. Toasty from an oven cooking some delicous baked good, stew or broiled delicious meat that will make our house smell AMAZING for hours. What a nice way to welcome my husband home huh? I’m just nice like that…some days 😉
Where am I going with this? Glad you asked. I’m strugging this time of year to find reliable, tasty, gluten free recipes. Even some “Fool proof” ones friends are giving me sometimes just don’t turn out for me. Mystery? No, I’m just new to all this. This week after a super heavy (but completly dairy and gluten free  thanks to my mom) Thanksgiving I needed something lighter. Ah! Veggie Soup!!!  So I found this recipe… Only one problem, barley is not gluten free…what to do? RICE! I thought about omitting it but I really wanted some form of  grain or something to thicken it like the barley would. Added 3/4 cup of rice in it’s place and we didnt have curry powder so I used less than a 1/4tsp of some garam masala  from South Africa. It’s much more flavorful than the ones found in the states and MUCH spicier. Hence less than 1/4tsp. Results??? DELICIOUS. And let me say, you will not be dissapointed with how amazing your house smells. Give it a shot 😉 

A vegan, everything allergenic free peach crisp (thank you Lauren for the big hunk of frozen peaches that inspired this delicous crisp!). I’ve made many recipes from the and have never been disappionted. BUT THIS IS AMAZING. The peaches are tender, the crisp is crispy, there is all that delicious bubbly juice mixture you want to just drink out of the pan…oh yea. A little slice of summer in November ;). The only thing I did differently was instead of 3-4TBS of oil I used 2TBS of coconut butter and 1TBS of oil. I REALLY liked the consistency/texture. Felt more like what a crisp with actual butter would taste like 🙂 
Needless to say, after that baked for about 40mins and I reheated some soup for lunch the house smelled amazing yet again. Later this week I’m attempting sugar thumbprint cookies with apricot filling…Lil will let you know how they are. She’s my official cookie tester 😉

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