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Oy Vey November 19, 2012

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Did I spell that right? Oy vey? Anyone reading this Jewish and able to correct me? Eh, regardless, that is the way I am summing up the last 7 days of my life. It’s been BRUTAL!

Last Tuesday Lil decided stitches sounded like fun and gave herself a black eye that same night with a toy pan. Plus, her favorite phrase this week is “I DON’T WANT TO” & the tantrums for EVERYTHING have been driving me up.a.wall. Tomorrow the stitches come out…this should be fun

Ana was running a fever between 99-101 for four days (spiked at 102 for a few hours Friday night) but has absolutely NO other symptoms and Doc said she looks completely healthy. Grumpy as all get out, yes, but healthy. It does look like she has 4 more teeth coming though. She has two swollen bumps on each side of her freshly cut teeth. She has cut four in the last month. Poor kid. We were up every half hour last night.

With all of the physical stuff and attention needed to each kid things have gotten messy. Our floors need to be swept and washed. The dishes are in a constant state of “trying to catch up” and laundry, ha!!! Almost all of it is clean, yes, but where is it? It is somewhere in a basket, probably wrinkled. Don’t think our house has been this bad since Ana was born…

Why am I gripping about this? Partly because being a parent ain’t easy. Sometime we just need to vent. Other times we need something to focus on. This week has been a “need something to focus on” kinda week. My focus point? Christmas!!!

Yes, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. It is however ALMOST Thanksgiving and signs of Christmas are everywhere.

My brain is already trying to decide: where the tree will go; if we are going to make popcorn strings for the tree or if Ana and Lil will just eat them; what Christmas song to start teaching Lil; when to go shopping for Lils Christmas dress; who to email gift lists to; when to start assembling our homemade gift supplies (4 homemade gifts this year!!); what cookies/cakes/breads/candies will I attempt; what books to start wrapping for our “25 books of Christmas”; what Christmas crafts I want to do with Lil; and yes…which Christmas station/CD will we listen to in the car!

I love this time of year and this week has given me a jump start on things. I’ll even admit I have pinned recipes for New Years Eve already too. Crazy? Maybe. Prepared? Yup. Mostly focused on something good instead of how tired and grumpy myself and the kids are? Yup!!!

Well, now that I’ve admitted to my Christmas craze this past week and my child is FINALLY nursed out, time to transfer my snuggle baby into her own bed, pray for the best and attempt sleep myself! I need my beauty sleep! Long day of shopping, cooking, cleaning and TWILIGHT(!!!) tomorrow! šŸ™‚

Aaaaaaw, ain’t she a cutie? šŸ˜‰


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