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Who Needs Pie Crust? October 5, 2012

Filed under: Recipes — laurab06 @ 9:25 pm
I miss quiche. I miss the flakey crust. The way the eggs taste combined with the crust. Well, ok, maybe I really miss the crust…I had been making quite of few quiche variations before Ana arrived and decided dairy and gluten is bad for her.

So, this week for MOPS I decided I wanted quiche and I was going to make a gf/df crust and get this quiche done. Yeah, then I forgot till the night before that I was going to bring it. Whoops. Typical me. Long story short I still wanted eggs. I came up with a potatoe crusted egg bake that was PHENOMENAL! 

You probably can’t tell from the awful picture off my phone but it was really tasty. Anthony enjoyed a piece and it was GONE almost as soon as it hit the table at MOPS. Here is how I did it!
– Set 8 eggs out to come to room temperature.
– Boil 4-5 potatoes till fork tender/smash able. You’ll need enough to smash into a cast iron skillet.
– While potatoes are boiling cut up & sauté your choice of vegetables. I used one small yellow onion, half a red pepper and an equal amout of broccoli sautéed with salt, pepper and sage.
– Heat oven to 350
– When potatoes are done drain, oil cast iron skillet, and smash potatoes into bottom/sides. I used a clean dish towel so as not to scald my hands,
– Spread sautéed veggies onto potatoes.
– Scramble eggs in a large bowl. I added in some previously cooked turkey sausage, more sage, little salt & pepper. I also had some spinach and herb dip mix that I added in (it’s a mix of dried spinach, onion flakes, garlic etc). If I had spinach in the house would have added it to sautéed veggies. 🙂
– Pour egg mixture over veggies and pop into the oven!
I let ours bake between 35-40mins. My timer went off at 30mins when I was nursing Ana down and I left Anthony in charge of it…so when it looked “done” he pulled it out for me. 🙂
This was my great accomplishment this week…creating a potatoe crusted version of a quiche. The best part? I don’t have that pie crust craving anymore! Aaaah how great it is to eat real food! The only thing I might change is to add some coconut butter to the bottom of the cast iron skillet before smashing potatoes. Something to make them a tiny bit crunchier. 🙂 Oh well, next time!

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