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Sleep Woes September 20, 2012

Filed under: Kids — laurab06 @ 1:27 pm
The last few weeks have been insane. Mostly because my child is nuts…but ESPECIALLY because she’s not sleeping well. 

Lil’s sleep patterns have been off. And not “we are too busy to get them down in time for nap and bed” off (ok, one day each week naps have gotten pushed back). Nope, just “my kid won’t sleep” off. She’s in her bed, ready to sleep by 7:30, yet remains awake through a series of “I NEED WATER!”, “I NEED TO GO POTTY”, and a number of other things. So what do you do? You can’t ignore the “I need to potty” because 90% of the time, she does. The water is hit and miss, she only gets a few sips before bed. The tough part is it’s taking her 1-2 HOURS after we put her to sleep to FINALLY fall asleep…and then she’s up at 6am regardless. 

First we tried not napping. That was a huge backfire. She was practically falling asleep standing up, walking into everything and having multiple potty accidents. 

Then we tried moving bed time BACK to see if she’d just fall asleep cause she was “more tired.” Nope, now my kid is overtired and up past her bed time so she’s screaming and is up even later than normal.

Then tried to lay with her in her room. She kicks us out. “Mama/Dada can you please go?” At least she’s polite about it right?

Then we tried letting her sleep in our bed. She gets even more excited and is rolling around/playing and trying to keep us awake. Sigh, back to bed…which then STILL takes the 1-2hrs to fall asleep.

I’ve changed her diet backing off of gluten and dairy on top of all this because she was constantly complaining of stomach aches that I couldn’t find ANY reason for a 2.5yr old to have. She was complaining about it constantly, for day/weeks. We talked with the ped, had her adjusted…nothing is obviously wrong…so altered diet. Within 3 days, no more stomach aches. Hm. So, thought that would help, hasn’t yet….

I’m at a loss. We have had the same routine for her since she was like 6mths old. We eat dinner, hang out, take a bath, brush teeth, potty, get dressed, read books, potty, turn off lights, sing songs in bed, lights out. None of that has changed. So why the sudden “It takes me 1-2hrs to fall asleep?” 

What helped/helps your kids??????


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