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Why Haven’t You Started Solids?!?! August 25, 2012

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Well, Ana has officially reached 6mth. Which means every person on the face of the earth is concerned that we haven’t started solids…ok, except a few family members, and surprisingly our very mainstream pediatrician. 🙂 So naturally, baby led weaning has been on my mind.
So, thought we’d start with my favorite resource, Kellymom.com This article explains all the necessary “things” you should see in the breastfed baby before offering solids and why. Loooove it. Then there was this page which explains how to best start solids with baby. There is a whole page about why to delay solids Finally, my current baby led weaning “bible” The last page gives a breakdown of foods to try, the other 4 pages give a detailed explanation as to how. 🙂  Thankfully, Breastmilk can sustain and babies can thrive on it for the first year of life! (See the delayed solids KellyMom link for references).
We talked about allergy testing and we know a doc that will do it…but the more research I do I’m wondering if it’s even worth the extra $. 95% of the sites I’m looking at say that scratch tests aren’t accurate till after 18mths to 2yrs old. And RAST blood tests aren’t accurate till 3yrs and up. Soooooooo I don’t know! I’ve noticed that she seems to be outgrowing some of the food sensativaties she had when she was tinnie tiny. She can now handle apples, almonds and pork. Woot! Dairy is still a no no, along with soy. Guten seems ok in small quantities. IE: had a hotdog bun that didn’t have soy/dairy in it and she was cool. But if I have three meals a day containing gluten it’s not cool. Yup. But for right now staying away from it…not worth the hassle. What else, um, strawberries/tomatoes/citrus is still a crap shoot. 
Oh, and I JUST found out that some vitamin E enriched products are bothering her. Why you may ask? Well, I JUST found out that most vitamin E enriched products are derived from SOY. Yup. Soy. I have had something she was reacting to for weeks and I couldn’t pinpoint it. I eliminated all the “new foods”, ate REALLY simple for a while to see what it was and there was NO difference. Till finally I ran across an article explaining that vitamin e supplements/enriched products are soy based. Most articles claim that this vitamin e has been so broken down there is no soy protien left in it and shouldn’t cause a reaction. Ha, well, guess what, I changed rice milk brands (no added vitamin E) and she was FINE within a few days. Yup. The MOST FRUSTRATING part about this is that nowhere on any packaging does it specify that soy is in the product. Booooooo. And honstly I’ve had to become pretty awesome at reading labels to look for hidden dairy, soy and gluten.
So where does that leave us? Well, Ana is sitting up all by herself (has been for a week or so), is starting to figure out that food goes in the mouth and has ALMOST developed her pincher grasp. And NO, dragging food into her palm with her fingers doesn’t count. Totally different skill :). So, we are going to give her a couple more weeks, then beginning the baby led weaning! Lils first food was avocados so think we will start there. It’s safe, easy to prepare and let’s face it one of the most nutrient dense, high (good!)  fat foods a baby could ask for 😉 
In case none of you have heard me talk about baby led weaning here is a link about what that means 🙂 And now I’m going to devour my chocolate pumpkin muffin for breakfast cause honestly, I can and there is no toddler around to ask me for “bite for me mama”. Ah, so glad that chocolate doesn’t bother Ana! Well, as long as its dairy/soy/gluten free 😉 
You all have a great day!!!

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