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I Am Supermom, Hear Me Snore August 17, 2012

Filed under: Mama Reflections — laurab06 @ 9:12 pm
Today I feel like super mom. I’m exhausted from the way this week has gone, but none the less I feel like super mom. Why you might ask? Only because I survived a massive onslaught of cleaning, packing, purging, driving, maintaining kid happiness and finally bed times. We only had one melt down all day, Ana was relatively happy as long as there was the opportunity to nurse and my headache has stayed away since last night (thank goodness!). 

Phew…what. a. day. Yes, today I am super mom. 
After thinking about what I’ve done today it’s a miracle I’m even awake at this point…but that’s gonna change in about a half hour. However, before I hit the hay I wanted to share some mama reflections that have kept me entertained through the busyness that was this week.
Mama reflections
#1: Blackout curtains are great in theory, except when your kids are up before the sun anyways.
#2: Never, never, never, NEVER wrap baby on your back RIGHT after nursing. 
#3: Bumbo recal, ha, yeah, when used without common sense your kid can get a skull fracture…seriously, it says right on the seat “DO NOT USE ON ELEVATED SURFACES”. All the new belt will do is keep the kid attatched to the seat while his head still hits the floor. Yup.
#4: God made kids cute so you don’t kill them. They make you want to sucker punch them one minute and then melt your heart with sweetness the next.
#5: ALWAYS put child in a heavy duty diaper for nap time, you never know when poop is gonna happen.
#6: Even at the age of 2.5 kids know how to screw with you. Especially when it’s something you KNOW they already know how to do/know about.
#7: Toddlers are bipolar. One minite sweet at pie “Don’t worry baby Ana, I’ll protect you” and the next a spastic crazy person “NOOOO BABY ANA DONT LOOK AT ME!!!”
#8: True love is sitting on the floor silenty swearing to yourself because your fingers hurt from opening a million and one pistachios for your toddler while she dances around the room saying “Thank you, thank you mama sooooooo much.”
#9: True love is also looking your nursing daughter in the eye smiling at her while thinking “seriously kid, we have been nursing for HOURS aren’t you done YET????”
# 10: Infants find the most inopportune time to roll over…like when you lay them down for 5 seconds, on their back, to get a diaper and while your head is turned you hear “thunk, WAAAA” because apparently she head butted the table leg after rolling over.
#11: While trying to answer SIMPLE bfeeding questions during what should be a 15min conversation both chidlren will wake up screaming for no apparent reason.
#12: While responding to a quick email the toddler will see the iPad out, run over, shout “I WANT TO DO LILY APPS MAMA!”, lose her footing on a toy, accidentally push send and wake up the sleeping infant.
#13: Infants are gluttons for punishment when it comes to older siblings. I hear both the girls giggling at each other and turn around expecting to see Lil doing something cute to Ana…nope she’s definitely wacking her on the stomach and making a noise while she’s doing it…but Ana laughs, so she keeps doing it…”Lillian Mae! Use gentle hands with your sister” “She’s happy mama!!!” Oy Vey.
#14: Try to put a 2.5yr old and a 6mth old to bed simultaneously should be an Olympic sport.
#15: Last but not least, after all the BS, when they are both finally asleep, and you glance at them before leaving the room your heart melts and you’re amazed at how important and loved they are…even after all the crap they JUST pulled 20mins ago ;). 
Yup. This was my week in a nutshell! And with that ladies and gentlemen, Good Night!

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