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Life With a Toddler June 20, 2012

Filed under: Kids — laurab06 @ 9:57 pm

There are things I do each day that really make no sense. Like cleaning up after a 2yr old when I KNOW in 5mins it will look like another tornado came through the house. Or, perhaps bothering to cook a meal? Because, honestly why would she want to eat what mom made? That’s NO FUN! Lol.

This week has been difficult for Lil since we were out at the Oma and PopPops houses all weekend. And man does she get spoiled there! So, routines and limits are evil in her eyes right now. Her favorite phrases this week:

“Don’t do that”
“no mama”
“don’t look at me!” (The best when screamed at the top of her lungs in the car towards her sister)
“something in the fridge?” (Cause ya know, toddlers eat CONSTANTLY)
“I don’t like that”
“Not like that!” (Also her favorite to scream at you in the car when it is not the correct way to sing or whistle. Lol)
“I want to go nite nite” (only because she’s figured out she can have the bink in bed, nite nite equals bed equals bink)
“I want _______ NOW!”
“Maybe later” (especially useful in her mind for combing hair, changing diapers or going someplace she doesn’t want to go)
“I’m running away!” (Adorable when we are playing, not so much when there is a load in her drawers, lol)
“Mama do it!” (Used in response to simple things like “hey lil take your shoes off please”)

She’s a hoot and a handful! Of course, now that she’s all peacefully asleep and innocent looking, a lot of them are funny. But man, in the heat of things, not so much. Trying to remember ways to connect with her between these moments so we have LESS of them…I notice a HUGE difference in her attitude the days we work hard on connecting with guidance and gentle discipline, not punishment. 🙂

Kids, they say/do the darndest things!


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