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Almost a Week In June 14, 2012

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Aaaaaall riiiiiight! On day 5 of my new fitness routine and so far and gotta say, since I already had the diet down from Ana’s restrictions this is easy peasy…don’t get me wrong, adding running in isn’t supposed to be “easy” but considering I’m only focusing on it and not it and the diet running is an easy addition 🙂 Wow, that was an AWFUL sentence.

So, before starting my routine I took all the fun measurements: weight, body parts, etc. Tonight, I finally sat down and calculated BMI and body fat percentage. Turns out (aside from the obvious lack of muscle tone and cardiovascular capabilities) I’m not in that bad of shape. Makes me happy! Lol. I had intended to originally shoot for 15lbs weight loss (and toning muscles which of course counteracts the whole weight loss thing) but after crunching some numbers on the body fat percentage site I’m aiming for 10lbs. My total weight, BMI and fat % will all be in a healthy range for an “athletic person.”
First goal: Be running (without any walking intervals) for at least 20mins within 8-9 weeks
Second goal: Run 5K for milk bank in September (9ish weeks)
Third goal: Hit target weight
Fourth goal: Run 1 more 5K by end of the year
After “running season” is over I can do more cross training + some track running. After that routine is effective for a feed weeks I’m hoping to start training for a 1/2 marathon near the end of 2013. Maybe, may have to wait till the year after depending on how trainig goes 😉 
Yah, you read that right, a 1/2 marathon. Someone call the loony bin, I’ve gone off the deep end! Lol. I’ve always wanted to do this, just never had the energy/motivation…apparently having kids and changing my diet dramatically changed both of those!
This is going to be an adventure…and thanks to my cousin Tami I’ve been able to do my last to running interval mornings without kids!!! Took two minutes off my mile time without them attached/in the stroller, go figure 😉
As far as diet goes, been experimenting with lots of new food combinations. Made garlic beets tonight with a veggie stir fry and brown rice, oooooooooh yum! It’s a good day to be me!!! 🙂 Now, off to work on my shoulders 😉

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