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Health First!!! June 12, 2012

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Ok, I used to run, I loved it…I loved the way I felt. I could have cared less about how fast I could run, I’ve always been slow. It was the distance that was key in my mind. 😉 Well, after Lil I haven’t made the time to keep a consistent work out routine and since Ana, ha ha ha ha ha….even without working out I’m down 5lbs lower than before I got married…that’s a frickin miracle! Lol.

Well, after having Ana I’ve been having dizzy spells, fatigue (more than the normal “ok, I have an infant and a toddler I’m exhausted” fatigue), lack of concentration/memory and in general just not feeling well. This all happened about 17mths after I had Lil too, but it went away after getting pregnant again…they have all returned.
Went to the doc, had a check up, ran all sorts of tests and bloodwork. Everything came back normal…yay! Right? Well, except there is nothing to explain these other than just hormonal or something post pregnancy. One of my fellow LLL leaders experienced the EXACT same thing, much worse, but the exact same symptoms. She said that after training and running a marathon things clicked back to normal…but me a marathon???
Since doing the elimination diet for Ana’s sake I’ve experimented with what foods I can add back in (and she tolerates) and how they make me feel too. Turns out, if I eat dairy not only does it affect Ana’s urping levels I get MASSIVE dizzy spells or headaches. Gluten to a MUCH lesser extent, but it does the same thing. Hm, ok, guess those things are off the menu for a while…And we are sticking with the whole “all fruits and veggies, meats, safe grains” Yup.
Next, working out. Even short walks with the girls make me feel AMAZING. Must continue this feeling! 😉 I wanted to do this ( last year. A friend of mine does a lot of work for the milk bank and I was very excited to help. But ya know being pregnant and all I was too lazy.
After speaking with some friends, doing some research and what not its official, I’m starting my 5K training for the milk banks 5K coming up in September! A lot of 5K programs I’ve looked into seem to be for people who are more into shape than I am, unless you include the muscles I use to care for the girls! 
Found this online: and really like the way it’s laid out. By a really out of shape 40yr old. No, I’m not 40 but I qualify for the “out of shape” category. Comparing it to some of the 5K programs it’s not too different, is a little more my pace and helps me achieve my goals distance/time, not pace. I don’t care if I’m the slowest person in the 5K, I just want to do it! Lol. 
Yesterday I started the walking, today I did a little bit of cross training (and cross training planning) tomorrow more walking. I’m very much looking forward to all this! 12 weeks to a new me, so to speak! 
Theoretically speaking my weeks will look like this:
– M, W, F: Walk/Run in the morning (or after Anthony gets home depending on the day!)
– Tu, Thurs: cross training (strength training/Pilates)
– nightly, some yoga stretching based on the days activities 🙂
– weekends at least some walking to begin with, running after I get to that point, Sunday’s will probably be my day off.
Wish me luck, I’ll keep you all posted!!!!


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