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What a Day! June 10, 2012

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It’s not even noon & both kids are down for a nap. Yes, it has been one CRAZY morning!

Ana was up at the crack of dawn this morning, hello 5am, and would not nurse back down. So, our day stared. By 5:50, being the noisy/talkative baby she is, Ana had woken up her sister. Rouse the troops! Lol. Apparently we were keeping Anthony up last night because he was asleep on the couch…not for long! Lol. As he planned to go work at the garden this morning he hung out “sleeping” while Lil played & I made breakfast…yuuuuuummmmyyyyy baked oatmeals 🙂

I started out with this recipe But seeing as I can’t have dairy, milk wasn’t happening.
Differences between my and the original recipe:
– I didn’t use any flax meal, I was out
– I only used 1/3c of honey, didn’t want them too sweet since I was adding berries/raisins/choc chips
– I used rice milk, only 2 1/3c. 
– I was too lazy to make all the little ones, so I made 1 cupcake pan with 3 of each topping (strawberries, blueberries, raisins, chocolate chips) and then mixed the berries/raisins into the remaining batter, poured into a glass Pyrex dish and baked it off like that. Oh, and topped 1/2 with choc chips 😉
Results? DELICIOUS! Lil and Anthony gave them their stamps of approval. I did bribe the kid though an tell her they were “oatmeal cupcakes.” let’s face it, she eats anything with the word “cake” in it 😉 
Breakfast made by 8am, mass by 9:30, kids napping by 11:30, good day to be me!!!

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