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Teething, ugh June 6, 2012

Filed under: Kids — laurab06 @ 10:17 pm

I love our kids, I love being a stay at home mom but I HATE teeth. Mainly I hate the way our kids both get teeth. Lil, around Ana’s age, screamed at me for 3 day straight, was fine a few days and then popped two teeth. Was a beast for a week and by the end of the week 2 more. 4 teeth in a week.

Well, looks like Ana’s following the same pattern. She has white spots on her gums that look suspiciously like 4 teeth putting pressure on the gums. She has been a beast, especially with the light cold she’s finally getting over! It has forced us to explore new ways to help her, cause tylenol and ibuprofen weren’t even cutting it.

So, we did the usual amber teething necklace, which started to help, needed more amo…

Tried some chamomile, still needed more…

Drugs, hm, still screaming…

The usual, teething toys/moms fingers to chew on, cold/wet washcloth…still needed something else…someone suggested clove oil. Ok, at this point I’ll try anything.

Wow, oh wow, oh me oh my, I’m a believer!!! Clove bud oil, after doing some research, was one of many tools used back in the day by dentists because of its natural numbing properties and apparently works wonders on canker sores. I’ll take it!

How to use it depends on what site you read. Some sites say only a drop or two per 1Tbs of olive oil to dilute, some say more drops of oil per Tbs…I did more. Remember that ANY OIL, has the potential to burn sensative tissue. It’s always recommended to dilute clove bud for use in the mouth wether it is for an adult or child.

I found a tiny container, mixed 15 drops of clove oil to 2Tbs of EVOO. Dipped a qtip, swabbed the gums and omg…what’s that? Screaming ceased, she’s latching, and nursing, and, falling asleep! Yup, clove bud oil it is for us 🙂

Tonight she was being super fussy baby again & we did all the above to no avail…wrapped her up, went for a walk & she was out in minutes. Ah teeth, they suck, but at least I know there is SOMETHING out there that helps her 😉


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