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Life with 2 May 22, 2012

Filed under: Kids — laurab06 @ 10:48 pm

Its FINALLY getting a little easier! We survived the first 3mths, now its all up hill right? 😉

We went out for a friends birthday dinner tonight and I had to laugh. Lil was having a goofy sort of kid parade with one of the other toddlers, ana wanted to nurse to sleep, water got spilled, there was a fight over food vs cupcakes…lol, never a dull moment! But it was a blast 😉

Lil has finally cut all 4 2yr molars and Ana’s just starting to show signs of teething. Drool, fussing, chewing on everything oh, yeah, and the 4 white spots on the front of her gums that look like teeth. 😉

Both of them just had growth spurts. Lil is officially into 2T (omg!) and Ana ranges from 6 to 6-9mth depending on brands…my 3 mth old is almost 20lbs…chunky monkey!!!!!

I just realized, today, that i never took Ana for her 2 mth well visit so doing that next week. Can’t wait to see what they say about her quick growth…which reminds me, I should get her measurements for the baby book!!! Ah 2nd kids, the things you forget to do. Makes me giggle when I think of how uptight I was with Lil when she was little. Thank you God for that change!!!!

Why do you care about any of this? Well, you might not care at all. And that’s fine. I was in a blogging mood with  not much inspiration so a kiddo update seemed fitting.:)

Now I’m of to snuggle Ana who’s sleeping alone, yes alone. Isn’t she cute?!?! This never happens!!! Ah progress with babies makes me smile. Night all!


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