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Mommy Thoughts For Today… May 7, 2012

Filed under: Mama Reflections — laurab06 @ 9:54 pm

I can’t sleep, both my children are, and my hubby is on his computer working…but with the combo of nausea, dizziness and a migraine my body won’t let me relax…so here are my thoughts for the day…

– My child is not being difficult, she is having a rough day and needs my patience and calm to help her identify her needs. Yelling will only make matters worse.

– Number one rule with infants is feed the baby, but feeding the baby can take more patience and deep breaths than I have some days.

– My toddler is active, has a great imagination, a short attention span and lots of creativity…I need to embrace these characteristics so MY preconcieved notions about toddlers doesn’t squash these AWESOME qualities.

– When I have to tell my toddler she can’t do something “no” is never acceptable in her mind cause she’s a toddler, that is toddler nature. It’s easier if I find alternatives and guide her toward an acceptable activity. IE: “hey Lil, banging on the table with a xylophone might break the glass. can we bang on the couch, floor or your Elmo couch instead?” yup.

– I am blessed. So blessed. I have awesome family, friends, support networks & resources. My way of paying it forward is being a resource to others. Even when I feel like being the biggest couch potato. It WILL make me feel better!!!!

– Food affects every aspect of my life. When I eat well I feel well & can manage the daily grind of two kids, housework, volunteer stuff and my social calendar much better.

– My life is awesome, even on “bad” days there is SOMETHING I learned or needed to be reminded of. 🙂 God just works in mysterious ways, 🙂


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