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Going Gluten Free For Anyone :) May 7, 2012

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It’s not as bad as it sounds!!!! I know I’ve already done a blog about why I went dairy and gluten free, as well as hidden sources of diary and gluten. This one is how I went gluten free, some of my favorite meals and resources! 🙂 Mainly because a friend of a friend is lookin for some ideas/help. Darlene & Megan, this is for you!

First, starting to go gluten free is simple, go basic! Healthy fruits, veggies, grass fed meats and brown rice. Qunioa can be good too, as long as its labeled “gluten free”. If they process it in a factory with other gluten products it can be contaminated. 

My favorite…
Breakfasts (all accompanied by fruit!):
– Puffed rice or millet cereal with rice milk
– red and sweet potatoes diced up with meat of your choice and made into a hash style breakfast
– gluten free oats with rice milk/fruits
– rice cakes with roasted sweet potatoes smashed on it (also a great snack!)
– homemade breakfast date bars! I’ve used so many different fruits with the dates, as well as different nut butters, just make measurements are the same 🙂

– leftovers 😉
– soups
– dairy free, gluten free lunch meat (Greenridge farms brand is great!!) rolled up in lettuce with other veggies & a safe dressing
– PB & J on rice cakes 
– fresh fruits, veggie & olive plate with cashew maple butter and dressing for dipping
– occ I’ll splurge and buy gluten free rolls for sandwiches
– “Mac & cheese” for Lil (rice noodles, yellow squash purée, Parmesan cheese, butter, rice milk, salt & pepper!)
– safe hot dogs & ketchup 🙂

– crock pot meats with sauted veggies
– beans & veggies
– rice pasta with sauted veggies 
– stir fry with brown rice
– soups! 
– salads with lots of veggies, hardboiled eggs, & a meat of ur choice.

Go To Snacks: 
– raw fruits & veggies
– rice cakes with anything on them! Avocados, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, cashew butter, jam, hazelnut chocolate spread, applesauce (homemade or guten free store bought)
– dried fruit 
– nuts
– snap pea crisps (not sure if these are gluten free, but I can have small quantities without it bothering Ana)
– safe potato or sweet potato chips 😉
– on a really bad day some jelly beans, Gimbal’s brand is gluten, dairy & soy free 😉

My Favorite Resources:
– “Cooking for Isaiah” cookbook
– Gluten free Goddess,
– Everyday Paleo:
– Gluten Free Girl: (her mayo recipe is awesome)

Instead of making or buying all sorts of “gluten free” breads, crackers, chips, cookies etc we just go without. It’s cheaper, healthier and actually a lot easier. Eating raw, unprocessed foods has changed how we see food…it’s about nutrition, nourishment, health & simplicity. Not just what can be thrown together out of a box without caring what’s going into our bodies. 

The best part? Our kid loves it ;). So, if you’re thinking that I’m crazy, it’s ok 🙂 we still have most things everyone else has…last night was tacos with homemade refried beans and guac, daiya cheese for me (regular for Lil and Anthony), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and blue corn shells for me, flour for Anthony. 

Ive made lots of delicious soups, stews, sauted veggies, delicious meats & lots of cool rice recipes 🙂 its all about perspective 😉


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