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Recipe: Vegetarian, Dairy & Gluten Free Splt Pea Soup April 27, 2012

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Not gonna lie, I figured this soup was going to turn out bland & boring. I don’t really care for pork except for the ocassional piece of bacon or breakfast sausage and I haven’t cooked a ham since, oh, 2 Easters ago, so no ham bone! 

I combined these two recipes:,1848,156166-231198,00.html, added in my own method & it turned out DELICIOUS.! I’m sad I didn’t get my bread made for dipping!!! 

Olive oil
1 sml yellow onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 stalks of celery
1 lg or 2sm carrots (mine was HUGE)
2 red potatoes (sml or med sized)
Turmeric, cumin, cayenne, parsley, salt & pepper, 2 bay leaves
6-7c veg broth
1lb bag green peas

1) Soak peas overnight
2) heat up soup pot over med heat with a few tsp olive oil
3) chop & add onions to oil, sprinkle with a little salt to sweat them. While they are cooking cut up garlic. 
4) lower heat on pot as not to burn garlic. Add garlic, stir & slowly bring heat up a bit.
4) peel, chop & add celery & carrots (and a shake of salt).
5) wash, chop & add potatoes
6) let everything cook for a min then sprinkle with a dash of cayanne (just a dash!) and turmeric (just enough to add a little bit of color). 
7) Add about a 1/2tsp of cumin & parsley, a dash of pepper & bay leaves.
8) let cook one more min then add broth & drained peas. Voila!

Cook till desired consistency 😉 I added about 7c of broth because I like it a little thinner. For a hearty soup try closer to 6c of broth 🙂 DELICIOUS! 


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