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Toes! April 14, 2012

Filed under: Kids — laurab06 @ 8:00 am

Yes toes, well feet too 🙂

As a mom you learn all sorts of unique ways of getting things done. As a mom of two, that statement becomes even more true! So, in just the last 24hrs here are a list of things that I laugh at, just for the fact that I end up using my feet/toes 😉

– Picking up various objects while holding a sleeping infant including but not limited to: vitamins, garbage, small toys, soft souled toddler shoes.

– tickling a toddler rolling around at your feet while you’re “dancing” the infant down for a nap.

– fetching pens from the table in front of you while a sleeping infant naps on you.

– moving a glass of water within arms reach, again with sleeping infant attatched.

– fetching a keenex

– opening push doors while out with infant wrapped on you and carrying sleepy upset toddler

– entertainment! Letting your toddler do “this little piggie”!

– pushing buttons on remote to start the next episode of a show on netflix

– tossing laundry back at a giggling toddler while folding laundry.

– grabbing any number of baby needed items near you 🙂

Aaaaaah the things we do for our kids 😉


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