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HAHAHAHAHA April 11, 2012

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So last night after posting my blog to Facebook (a site I spend way too much time on) someone asked me “how do you ever find time to blog?” and it really got me thinking, how DO I find the time to sit down and type out a few paragraphs while folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning my always dirty kitchen table, vaccuming, comforting crying children, attending or organizing playgroups/outings, grocery shopping, cooking, playing with toddler, and all the other stuff we moms do on a daily basis? The answer is simple, nap times and nursings! Lol.

While Ana’s nursing I usually have a few minutes to think about what I’m going to write. Then I realize I’m daydreaming and get Lils attention to see if she wants to read books while I’m nursing.

Then comes nap time, gloooorious nap time. Now sure, I could nurse Ana in bed and when she’s out get up and go do stuff. However, that means that in approx 30-45mins she will squirm around, realize I’ve left, wake up and start screaming, and want to nurse. I don’t like that senario. She’s a girl that needs her sleep!!! Days she doesn’t sleep enough equals LOTS of inconsolable screaming. Funny how that works? So, instead, either I nap with the two girls in our bed or Lil goes in her room and Ana naps on/next to me…for 2-4hrs.

Yes, that’s a long time to be pinned to a couch or bed BUT it means that:
A) she gets to nurse when she wants without having to wake up, fuss and take MORE time going back to sleep.
B) I usually get a quick nap between nursings.
C) I can pay bills, read a book, catch up on phone calls and emails, watch a little adult tv (omg, no wonder pets!), organize my calendar, blog (like right now!), or do a number of other things on my iPad 🙂
D) If I’m feeling really adventurous I even put sleeping Ana in the ring sling and do some housework.

So that’s how it’s done…either during nap or after Lil is in bed 🙂

Sure, my dishes aren’t always done, my floors aren’t always clean and I’m not cooking dinner every night. But the house is usually tidy, we have clean clothes to wear (even if a little wrinkled from being in a laundry basket), some form of healthy, home prepared food on our plates. But most importantly? I get to do something I love…and that makes me happy, which makes my kids happy. Happy mama = happy kids! Even at the risk of being sleep delrived, I make time to carve out for my hubby and my hobbies otherwise I turn into a monster. So, I blog. In turn my kids get what they need to feel loved and taken care of. We play and make messes that dont get cleaned up right away, we cuddle, we sleep and we are good at them all. Happy kids and a happy mama (which usually equals a pretty happy papa too!) doesn’t look like what we see on tv. But its working for this mama.

So is blogging 😉


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