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Articles that have encouraged me today April 11, 2012

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We have had a really, really rough couple of days.

I called family, emailed friends and eventually started at the ceiling for a few hours (with a finally quiet house & sleeping children) taking it all in trying to figure out how to better handle the situation. Then I had a friend share this:

This article made me remember that no matter the situation my kids just need me to be, well me. They don’t care that im stressed out about the 3 loads of unfolded laundry upstairs, the dirty dishes in the sink, or anything else. Lil just wants “mama snuggle you” and Ana cant verbalize it but she wants the same thing. Im pretty sure between teeth, a random mouth complaint, growth spurt, her new sister and the chillier weather keeping us more inside than normal lils about ready to crawl out of her skin. With all the crying and freak outs I’ve been at my wits end trying NOT to scream at my child.

Then I remembered this article too, And then I started thinking about how I can change my reactions. My responses NOW shape our future relationship. I don’t want Lil to resent me or her sister. I don’t want to deal with this poorly and her have control, anger, or other troubles in a few years.

So, tomorrow is a new day, I got the laundry done tonight while Lil was out with daddy. Anthony’s taking care of the dishes tonight. I’ll vacuum first thing in the morning and we can relax, play and hang out. I may not even get it of my pj’s if all our friends are busy…or we may go to a mall play place, who knows.

I do want to share one more article. “19 Things you should say to your kids”, yes! I need to print this and keep it near me all the time.


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