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Day 22: Wow! April 10, 2012

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Well, I’ve cheated on my diet big time…and I’m not talking bad like went and had dairy or a lot of gluten. I’m talking added in like 4-5 new fruits/veggies over the weekend & past few days. Miracle? Ana’s only tossed her cookies three times in the last 24hrs, and two of them im pretty sure were my fault 🙂

So, I’ve eaten: broccoli, cucumbers, avocados, celery, beans, dried cherries, cashews…ah, Lisa will shake her head at how fast I added foods in, with good reason. I kinda threw caution to the wind. The broccoli caused lots of gas, that I know. But no urping. Yay! 🙂 I even made a really good soup tonight with turkey broth, celery, carrots, potatoes, some spices, beans and added some turkey I have left over from this weekend. Oh it was soooooo good. 🙂

In other news Lil has been a BEAST since last week. I don’t know what the problem is…she’s cutting molars still (taking forever to come in!), and I think she’s realized Ana’s here to stay, and we did vaccines last week. All those combined is making for one unruly toddler. All she’s doing is walking around CONSTANTLY crying or whining or throwing a tantrum over everything. And nothing I seem to do makes it better. Even trying to snuggles/spend more time with her sends her into a fit of “no, no, no, no”. The word no is the bane of my existence right now.

The good news though is she doesn’t have pink eye, we were concerned yesterday that she was getting it. Her eye was super red and swollen under. Doc thinks its just allergies. Anthony is thinking its a dog issue since that was about the only thing that was different about this weekend and we were around then the night before the eye started. Who knows.

The only thing I do know is I have one child who is grumpy, whinny and all she wants to do is snuggle and sleep. The other is content to be awake, nurse and not sleep. Yup, that’s life with two kids 😉 guess, since they are both quite at the moment, that I should go to bed 🙂 here’s to a better tomorrow!!!


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