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Day 18: LLL, Lil, New food? April 6, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet,Kids — laurab06 @ 1:45 pm

We had a wonderful LLL meeting this morning! Lil enjoyed playing with friends and running around 🙂 Unfortunately we had to leave early, for a good reason though! The TV repair man called and said they got our part in sooner than expected! Yaaaaaaaay! I’ve missed my pandora, The Chew (on channel 7 right around nap time), and the ability to entertain Lil if needed for a few mins.

Lil’s been off this week. She hasn’t been napping well, has been kinda grumpy and around 10:30/11 for the last few days has had meltdowns. I was attributing it to her realizing Ana’s here to stay and mamas no longer “all hers” or the fact that she’s cutting a molar (maybe 2). At LLL she started her normal grumpiness so I asked a few of the moms and they all suggested she’s just tired, nap time? I was CONVINCED that she was just grumpy because of some other factor. Well, I love being proved wrong! Lol. On the 15min drive home, she passed out and has been out since. Going on 4hrs here. And THANKFULLY Ana passed out too! So, I was able to get 4 veggies steamed/sautéed, made lunch for myself and have caught up on emails/phone calls.

Today’s diet looks like:
B: pear and rice cake
S: pear
L: white & sweet potato hash with turkey, zucchini
S: ?
Dinner: either leftover turkey & sweet potatoes with broccoli OR bison (if I make it to whole foods) with zucchini.

Hm, decisinos decisions. Im not supposed to introduce a new food until 48hrs after eating carrots, but Ana’s been doing so great, and as stubborn as I am (I’m convinced it’s mostly dairy/pork & apples) we’re adding a new food tonight. I NEED more variety, no matter how blandly it’s prepared. 🙂

I’m going to stop blogging daily about what diet looks like, but I will do some updates about new foods/reaction/recipes 🙂

Looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend.


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