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Thinking ‘Out Loud’ April 3, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet — laurab06 @ 8:51 pm

Tomorrow all my co LLL Leaders are coming over to pow wow about group ideas for series meetings, toddler meetings and also to help our two applicants. šŸ™‚ hoping we can get things moving along and lay out a “plan” for the next year. It’d be really nice to have everything organized and know what we’re doing so no matter who makes it to lead a meeting everyone is prepared! Coincidentlly enough we have a meeting on Friday! Looking forward to it!

Is tomorrow really wednesday? Am i really looking forward to Friday already? We have soooooooo much going on this week. Supposed to color Easter eggs tomorrow night, babywearing is supposed to be Thursday am and tv repair guy in the pm. I’m not sure if we are going to make it!!! Thursday I may need a day at home, without plans, to catch up on housework and to let the kids recoup. There’s also open bounce (FREE!) with an Easter egg hunt and Easter bunny Thursday night at Bounce Town, and we have a family birthday on Friday night that I’m REALLY debating bringing the girls to…so much to do between the girls, family, social and holidays. How things change when you have kids!

In other news, Ana’s been nursing like a mad woman. It all started after seeing Bridget, or Dr. Horan. She is a miracle worker thats all I’m going to say! Looking forward to seeing more improvements in Ana. šŸ™‚ If she’s able to nurse better and spit up less I’ll be one very, very happy mama!

Lisa and I chatted again regarding diet today, and aside from a salami slip up (equalling puking, no sleeping, crabby baby) things have been going really well. Thinking of when I should start adding things back into my diet…and what! Oh the possibilities!!!

The first thing I’ll be adding back in is avocado, I MISS my avocados!!! Other possibilities include:
– free range chicken (not grain fed)
– apples (but she reacted to them early on so think I’ll avoid this one)
– grapes
– other ‘unusual’ meats: deer, buffalo, ostrich etc.
– bean sprouts
– pumpkin & sunflower seeds
– carrots
– quinoa (AAAAH QUINOA, YAY!!!)

She suggested to “eat one of those foods, three servings in one day (lunch, snack, dinner. or breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.). Then wait a day. If she seems fine after 48hrs, add another food.”

The word of caution: “You can add stuff back pretty fast AS LONG as you stop the last 2 foods you added if she starts reacting. Most reactions will show up in 2-3 days, except for some eczema types.”

With all this filling my head, long as she’s ok over the weekend, I think Monday I’m going for the avocados. Wednesday, long as she’s ok with ‘cados, we’re trying carrots. Friday? Grapes!!! Lol. We’ll give the weekend a rest & Monday after that I’m thinking bean sprouts. I could manage a nice little “stir fry” minus soy sauce with zucchini, carrots. & bean sprouts :). All served over quinoa, oh yum! The possiblities šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow morning I’m making a white/sweet potato mixed ‘hash’ with some turkey thrown in there for good measure. Will be a tasty breakfast. Going to boil down some pear juice for sweetening purposes and make the turkey/potato bake with pear juice I made last week. Yummy. Since I’m hosting the LLL gathering it’ll be easy to get some roasting/cooking done šŸ˜‰ well, hopefully!

Now, time to sign off and get my restless, snoring child off me and into bed šŸ˜‰ Night world.


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