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Days 13-15: Church, Chiro and Well Visit! April 3, 2012

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Ana had her first church visit Sunday and it went amazingly well. Lil did great too considering its been a good 9-10mthe since she’s been there. She seemed to remember some people and played in the nursery for most of the time, happily! Thank you MOPS for that foundation 🙂 Plus, it is Palm Sunday, and I REALLY wanted to be there.

Aside from being sleepy today Ana’s been a little more puky than the last few days. I have a feeling it’s soy…needed lecithin this weekend something fierce. Thank you low blood pressure & other attributing factors. I’d rather have a puky baby than mastitis, that’s all I’ve to say!

I’m getting really bored with TED, mainly because of the texture. I splurged on more potato chips & a small thing of Rice Dream Ice Cream just to break up the monotony. Neither of them seem to be bothering Ana, second time on chips, 1st on ice cream…separated by a few days to make sure she is ok with it.

So, today looks exactly like yesterday:
B: puffed millet, rice milk & pear
L: rice noodles & zucchini/squash mix, pear
S: rice cake & pear
D: turkey & potatoes

Looking forward to adding in new foods, REALLY MISSING: cucumbers, avocados & all fruits!!!

This week is going to be INSANELY busy, need to meal plan NOW so I make sure I have food to eat & to feed Lil. Going to make her a vegetable soup & that’s going to kill me…

I totally forgot to eat breakfast today…well, was too focused on other things to really be hungry. So I ate the same leftovers all day. However, my folks brought up some jelly beans that are gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, and a billion other things free. Yes, They have sugar, and apple juice in them (which I know Ana reacts to) so I had like 5…and they were remaking delicious. So far today I haven’t seen any reaction…I know I shouldn’t have, but omg, something besides savory squishy texture 😉

We also took Ana to see Bridgett today, she did AMAZING! Bridget worked her magic and I think we’ll be in the clear for probably reflux and torticollis (sp?) in a few visit here 🙂 Bridgett said not to be surprised if Ana slept for a really long time after adjustment after all she did, ha! My kid just decided to sleep in one hour increments in between 1/2hr sessions of nursing ferociously. She never nurses like that, attributing it to adjustment 🙂

TUESDAY: Today, well, we have Lils 2yr well visit today…should be loads of fun. Also ate something NOT approved for breakfast, Rice Chex cereal. So, today’s going to look something like this…

B: rice chex, rice milk, pear.
S: pear, possibly rice cake
L: turkey & potatoes
S: pear
D: sweet potatoes spread on rice cake, zucchini, and more turkey

Until I cook something, probably tomorrow, meals are going to be almost the same looking. Debating what to cook tomorrow…maybe some baked turkey w/ potatoes & pear juice again. That sounds good 🙂


2 Responses to “Days 13-15: Church, Chiro and Well Visit!”

  1. Tricia Says:

    We are REALLY missing Bridget here. I wish we could clone her! Glad things are swimming along…

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks! I'm sure she misses you all too 🙂 I see her again Saturday, should be interesting to see what sticks or needs more work. 🙂

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