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Days 7 & 8: Screaming Child March 28, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet — laurab06 @ 8:16 am

Ok, I’ve attempted to post this blog post 3 times now, let’s see how it goes again…

Day 7: awful, screaming, not sleeping, tons of urping, long day. Really glad my mom & dad were here!
Diet looked like:
Breakfast: remainder of sausage & potaotes
Snack: pear
Lunch: soup
Snack: rice cake
Dinner: baked potatoes & turkey!

Day 8: still urping. Called doc, said they’ll give me Zantac if want it but would like to give diet a few more weeks. Going to see Bridgett Monday since Ana’s neck is stuck to the left and she’s arching wicked on my right cause she can’t turn to nurse well in that side. Awesome let me tell ya!

Diet today:
Breakfast: puffed millet, rice milk & pear
Snack: ?
Lunch: steamed zucchini & rice noodles.
Snack: pear
Dinner: baked turkey & potatoes
Snack: organic, 3 ingredient, whole foods potato chips! Yep…they weren’t cheap but they were great!

Note to self, I’m spending waaaaaay too much money at whole foods! Ended up there last night because I discovered my probiotics contain dairy…yeah, color me surprised! So, needed to get new ones. Thankfully Ana’s are dairy & gluten free. Found some decent ones for cheaper than my old ones, yay!


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