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3rd TED Recipe: Baked Turkey and Potatoes March 27, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet,Recipes — laurab06 @ 12:22 pm

Instead of calling all the recipes “successful” recipes…if they make it here, they were good!

– 2 turkey breasts (think these were labeled as turkey breast cutlets)
– 2-4 red potatoes, sliced
– 1-2 sweet potatoes, sliced
– 1/4c pear nectar (I used Goya brand)
– 1-3c water depending on how strong u want pear flavor & how many potatoes etc. in pan
– salt & pepper to taste

1) add everything to pan.
2) cook at 300 or 325 (my turkey was slightly frozen so cooked at 325, if thawed 300) for 30mins, turn turkey over
3) cook another 20mins and check sweet potatoes for doneness, if s. potatoes still on the hard side cover with foil and let cook another 15-20mins.
4) make sure everything is done & voila dinner! 🙂

This turkey turned out super moist & slightly sweet from the pear and sweet potatoes combo in the same pan, was very nice.


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