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Day 5 & 6: Lil’s party too! March 25, 2012

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Day five was REALLY HARD! We had Lil’s party yesterday, and on the menu was pizza from my favorite place, Rosati’s. And dinner? A HOMEMADE, gluten free cake my mom made. OMG. It all smelled and looked so freaking good…but I was a good girl. I dutifully heated up my soup and ignored the single piece of cake that somehow got left out even after all the guests had left. Uuuuuugh I wanted that cake.

So, day fives menu was almost exactly same to day four:
Breakfast: puffed millet, rice milk and pear
Snack: rice cake and sweet potato spread on it
Lunch: end of veggies, rice and turkey
Snack: pear
Dinner: turkey soup and some pear juice
“Dessert”: another pear and a slice of sweet potato.

After all we did yesterday I was really hungry, so ended up munching on another rice cracker too before bed. The worst part was I must not have eaten/drank enough during the day because I had dreams about all sorts of delicious food all night and woke up to a very rumbly, hungry stomach.

Today, Day 6, was better, ate a little bit more and have been great since.
Breakfast: puffed millet, rice milk and pear
Snack: pear juice, rice cake and sweet potato
Lunch: Rest of turkey soup (need to thaw rest for lunch tomorrow!)
Snack…just a few bites of sweet potato cause I couldn’t move…was too busy snuggling an infant.
Dinner: turkey “hash” (some cubed potatoes and turkey “fried up” in olive oil)

Note, Olive oil is a risk here. It’s recommended to use either safflower or sunflower oil for TED. However, I didn’t really feel like spending another $6 on oil this week with all the extra we’ve spent for Lils party. So, IF by chance Ana is puking tomorrow I will know why. However, I didn’t think through my oil choices before, used grapeseed oil from Whole Foods, and didn’t see a difference.

Again, my main theory right now is that dairy is her main issue. BUT it’s nice to do this, clear out everything and start from scratch. I’m looking forward to simple things, like cucumbers! Carrots! Mangos (which i know may not go over well with Ana)! and other fruits. I MISS fruit.

Running out of ideas for meals off the top of my head. Wish I could find someplace that sells whole turkeys year round. I’d just toss a turkey in the oven with potatoes and sweet potatoes. To be honest, I’d never really noticed how just the cooking method you choose can change the flavor of your food. Sure, spices and such help too, but when limited to ONLY salt and white pepper you really appreciate how your food tastes πŸ˜‰

Off to get the girls fed and ready for bed, PRAYING Lil goes to bed early, been a long weekend for all parties involved!


2 Responses to “Day 5 & 6: Lil’s party too!”

  1. Tricia Says:

    you can't get a whole turkey at aldi? Or Meijer? I always see them there- granted they are factory farm raised, but the real ones only get slaughtered in the fall.

  2. Laura Says:

    I'll have to check! S far I've onky really checked whole foods, caputos & jewel. Maybe a meijer run is in order! πŸ™‚

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