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Day 4: someone can’t tolerate fenugreek March 23, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet — laurab06 @ 2:25 pm

Well, note to self, don’t underestimate my knowledge & my body…

After Ana slept for a few really long stretches the past few nights I thought supply was dropping a bit. So instead of trusting my gut I popped a few Fenugreek pills to boost up supply. Yeah, today we went from happy, sleeping, less puky baby to screaming, puking, not sleeping baby. Ugh, note to self, don’t freak out! Lisa, my ‘allergy mentor’, was so kind to remind me that Indian food often has fenugreek in it too, good to know for down the road!

Today’s menu:
– puffed millet, rice milk & pear
– slice of turkey & pear juice
– leftover zucchini, rice & turkey
– pear, or rice cake w/ baked sweet potato spread on it
– turkey, potato, zucchini & rice noodle “soup”
And probably that pear if I don’t have it for a snack. 😉

Well, that is if I get to eat 3 meals today. Had that slice of turkey as a quick snack while Ana was screaming, finally got her out (after 2 massive pukes, a bath, more puking & finally a quick nurse to sleep)…now snuggled next to her & afraid to move for fear of waking her.

Good news is I managed to get diapers stripping in the tub, Ana’s diapers washed & put away, dinner in the crock pot & a basket of laundry folded & put away while she was in the carrier screaming & puking…

Need to say a HUGE public thank you to my MIL. She took Lil today & it seems every time she does Ana has this kinda day. Soooooooooooo grateful!


2 Responses to “Day 4: someone can’t tolerate fenugreek”

  1. Tricia Says:

    fenugreek is related to peas…Wonder if that is something to investigate!

  2. Laura Says:

    Omg, seriously? That's one of Lils favorites so I was eating those daily when eating a "regular" diet! Hello connections? Will check into it/watch for it when reintroducing foods!

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