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Day 3, Lil’s Party, fun stuff March 22, 2012

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Well, today was fun, we had Lil’s third 2nd birthday celebration. Lol. Monday my folks brought cupcakes to sing happy birthday and we went to the local train restaurant. Wednesday our friend Amy and her little girls came over to play and also brought cupcakes. Today the rest of our friends, and the neighbor girl came over for pizza and MORE cupcakes. Aaaaaaand her family party is Saturday. Guess you only turn two once right?

I REEEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY wanted chex mix today, as well as one of those sugar cookies. You know the ones with the like INCH of frosting on them? Yup. We had happy sugared up kiddos! 🙂

Today’s menu looks like:
– Puffed millet & rice milk
– a pear& rice cake
– left over turkey, zucchini & rice
– a pear
– remaining leftovers from lunch, mainly cause i don’t feel like cooking anything else today.

Tomorrow I’m making turkey “soup” in the crock pot with rice noodles. Think I’ll let the turkey and potatoes cook all day in the crock pot, add zucchini last and then cook noodles separately and add them. Don’t want the rice noodles to just turn to mush.

It will probably be a welcome change to today. Not sure what lunch will be tomorrow. Feeling lazy with everything we’ve done this week. And because Ana is again refusing the swing and screams bloody murder when put in it. Sooooooo, she’s either next to or attached to someone. She;s currently asleep on me in the ring sling, at the computer, as I type this and update Facebook. Yup.

Good news is after almost 3 full days of no dairy I’m seeing a huge difference in the quantity of puke. Still often, but much less! I have a hunch that all her massive puking was mostly from hidden dairy in my diet. You know, the breads, pastas etc. that you eat all the time and never think “hey there is milk in this”. Also, that she may have been reacting to almond milk. After looking back at my food log I noticed an increase in puking after I started using it to replace milk in my cereal in the am. Hm, this is helping! Yay!

Oh, btw, I found this quote today that really hit home with me: “Frequent holding throughout the day and playful interactions with your baby will increase bonding and promote a secure attachment. It is impossible to spoil a baby when satisfying his need to be held.” ~from ‘Attached at the Heart’

Yay for quotes that resonate with the ring sling wearing mama…cause after almost 2hrs of crying (even when held mind you) what else ya gonna do?

Ana has her last CST treatment for a while tonight, chiro’s going to be out of town for a few weeks. I’ve seen such a change that I don’t think she’ll need it for a while after this. Thank goodness! With the drastic diet change  and CST she’s been a much happier, easier to nurse baby. Oh, yeah, that, she’s been so RELAXED while nursing today…something that hasn’t happened in, oh, weeks. Wahoo. I’m loving TED. He’s restricting and can be annoying, but omg, how wonderful to have a semi happier baby girl! 


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