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I miss cake! March 21, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet — laurab06 @ 7:30 pm

So, as much as I am loving a semi less puking baby today, I REALLY miss cake (in this instance, in the form of cupcakes!!!!). Lol. Today’s menu looked like this:
– puffed rice cereal, rice milk & a pear
– 1/2 a rice cake (as Lil ate the other half)
– a slice of turkey & 1/2 a small butternut squash
– a pear
– turkey with steamed zucchini & brown rice.

Realizations I’ve come to today:
1) It’s harder than you think to not lick frosting, juice from fruits you’re peeling/cutting up for kiddo and other things off your fingers.
2) Equally as hard to cook pasta when you’re not supposed to try it to test for doneness. Last time I make regular pasta for Lil for a few weeks 😉
3) I really miss, of all things, cucumbers with ranch dressing.
4) You can achieve an amazing amount of flavor with only salt and pepper, especially organic white pepper. It tastes a lot different in my opinion.

Things I’m wondering:
– without all the dairy, gluten and processed stuff in my system will my seasonal allergies lessen or disappear?

This whole thing is going to be a wonderful experiment. I think that after “detoxing” and slowly introducing foods back into my diet I’m going to find out there are foods I react to, and didn’t realize it before.

I wonder where cucumbers are on the allergen list? Gonna have to look that up!

Settling in for the night now that Ana’s finally done screaming, she was up for almost 2hrs doing so. One less than her usual 3 tonight 😉


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