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Day one! March 20, 2012

Filed under: Elimination Diet — laurab06 @ 1:22 pm

Well, since I had just enough food for me in the house, for probably about a week & a half, I decided just to start TED today. I mean, dinner will not be completly following the rules because I have left over stew my mom made that NEEDS to get eaten. BUT it is a gluten free stew with veggies that should not offend Ana.

She’s been throwing up a lot today, but I’m guessing that’s from the baked goods I splurged on yesterday with Lil for her birthday. Glad I did so yesterday instead of this coming weekend. Yesterday was a crap shoot, ate what I had in the house and what was avaialbe when out cause I knew this was coming! And now she’s paying for it, well, and my washer šŸ˜¦

So far today I’ve had:
– puffed brown rice cereal & rice milk, a pear
– 1/2 a potato made into “home style” hash browns…with only salt and white pepper.
– baked butternut squash (w/ only salt & pepper) & a few slices of Costco turkey breast.

Snack with Lil will probably be 1/2 a pear…dinner, stew.

Tomorrow I’m planning a similar day, but with zucchini or yellow squash & some brown rice…and a similar story through Thursday. Friday im going to make a crock pot of turkey “soup” with potatoes, zucchini and rice noodles. Thinking ill need to let the soup (turkey and potatoes) cook most of the day, then add the zucchini later on so it doesnt get “over done” and just turn to mush. Yeah, doesn’t sound too exciting does it? Im going to miss carrots in my soup! But, I’m looking forward to the turkey fat that will collect on top of the soup. I can totally skim it off and use it to cook hash browns in the next morning šŸ˜‰ yum. (Thanks to Lisa W for that idea!!!!)

The worst part of today, so far, has been making Lil vanilla raisin pancakes. I did make a huge batch and freeze some so I don’t have to cook them again for a while.

The best part of today is that Lil ate some of my squash for lunch. And she has never been a fan, so yay? Lol. I need to buy a lot more pears, I love them and will probably be eating two a day, plus the ones Lil eats too. Hm, anyone grow pears locally šŸ˜‰

Sitting here thinking of the load of diaper laundry in the wash i should go finish so I can start the load of “puked all over” laundry. Praying Lil goes back to sleep, she was grumpy this afternoon. Thankfully Ana’s passed out again, if only the girls could have coordinated their naps! I can’t really complain though, Ana slept for 7hrs last night (followed by a nursing marathon!). I don’t see that happening again any time soon. We all know it was a fluke, she’s usually up every few hours šŸ˜‰

Now, what to do with Lil when she wakes up from nap???? Hm….


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