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Elimination what? Yeah… March 19, 2012

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Ok, as most of you already know, we have a cute new budle of joy! Ana has graced our family with her presence and we are thrilled she’s finally here. Can’t believe it’s been a month already!

With that being said, her first month of life has been rough! Not just on us, but poor girl! Between tounge/mouth problems, latch/sucking issues, thrush and reflux pretty much from birth it has been no fun for her. With things not improving, and some things getting worse we are at a cross roads. Either I do something dramatic and proactive, or get meds to cover up an underlying problem and pretend that will make it all better. You who know me cns figure which option I’m going to choose right?

Well, dramatic is is. Let me introduce you to my friend TED, the elimination diet. For the next few weeks TED and I will be embarking on an adventure to try and discover what Ana’s reacting to in my diet. We will be getting her gut( and probsbly mine too) back to healthy and then start adding in foods one at a time to see whats safe.

Why you may ask? With just simple food logging and basic elimination I’ve already discovered: dairy, soy, caffine, citrus fruits, broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage family, apples and possibly pork. I’d rather take it all out and start from scratch then have to keep eliminating things one at a time and still deal with a super puky, unhappy, crying 3hrs a night cause mom ate the wrong food, gassy baby.

Here is what I’m “allowed” the next few weeks…because of their low allergen properties.
– puffed rice and millet cereals for breakfasts
– fruit: pears, pears & more pears
– veggies: zucchini, squash, white & sweet potatoes
– meat: Turkey, turkey and more turkey
– Carb: rice or rice noodles (gluten free)
– beverages: rice milk, pear juice & water.
All cooked as simply as possible with only salt and pepper.

Yuck? Bland? Why? You may be thinking…well I’m eliminating one way or another so may as well go big or go home. I’ve had a few people say “why not just switch to a hypoallergenic formula?” Well, because a lot of the stuff she’s already reacting to is still in those formulas. And if I think her reflux, gas, crying and nose are bad now with the limited amount she’s getting through me i can’t imagine what it would be like on formula.

So, here goes nothing, my adventures with TED will start Wednesday morning. Today and tomorrow will be spent gathering foods, clearing out & finishing foods in the fridge and “meal planning” to make sure I have enough in the house.


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